Best Lockdown Reads.

Written by: Beth Littlejohn So, you’ve exhausted every method of curbing lockdown boredom and are finally getting sick tik tok. You are actually thinking that you might read a book. But where to start? Here are some top picks of lockdown reading to get you started:  Normal People by Sally Rooney I’m sure you have … More Best Lockdown Reads.

My Choice, My Cause.

Written by: Kate Collins  The Head of Students for Choice’s ‘The Good Cause Project’ discusses the University of Glasgow’s FAQ discrepancies.  **Trigger Warning: Sexual Assault, miscarriage and abortion.  It is upsetting that this article had to be written, but disturbingly necessary. The good cause policy, by definition, exists to make ‘appropriate allowances for unforeseen or … More My Choice, My Cause.

A Bad Influence(r)

Nina Munro gives her opinion on the Myka Stauffer adoption controversy   Written by: Nina Munro I press play. Almost immediately, a whiney American voice greets me. She’s crying, he’s crying. So far, I think the video is of influencers announcing their divorce as they seem so concerned with themselves. The video, entitled “An update on … More A Bad Influence(r)