He’s The Boss of me

Everyone knows what’s iconic.  Madonna’s pointy bras? Totally iconic. The Beatles’ Abbey Road album cover? Hugely iconic. For me, Bruce Springsteen is the definition of an icon. He’s 63 but still achingly cool, has the on-stage (and off, I reckon) stamina of one 40 years his junior, and his music has inspired generation after generation. On the 20th July 2013, I went to his Belfast gig. And it was ace.

Only Bruce would strum his own 5 song, 20 minute soundcheck, then come out 2 hours later with his legendary E-Street band to serenade his way through a blistering 3 ½ hour set. THREE AND A HALF HOURS. Justin Bieber’s average concert time is 90 minutes. Jog on Beliebers, Bruce is three times older and THREE MILLION times better. So there.

bruce-springsteenI understand this may seem like me just violently gushing about Bruce… It’s okay though, cause he’s a really good guy. Did you know that last year he won the 2013 MusiCares’ Person of the Year, as well as a sackful of other recognitions for his humanitarian work? Throughout his whole career he’s fought for civil rights in America, has been vocal in his political
support for those downtrodden and out of luck, as well as holding surpris
e fund-raising gigs for veterans, Parkinson’s disease and loads more. I’m so in love it’s not okay.

But his music is something else. A lyrical genius, he’s written over 500 songs and doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Last summer he played over 100 3-plus hour long gigs. He’s SIXTY-THREE. When I’m that age I’ll probably be
on a respirator surrounded by my 27 cats, watching Cash in the Attic and worrying about how wonky my knitting is.

You’ve no longer got your God-given free will; I’m telling you, if you don’t listen to this amazing man your life will forever be in a musical black-hole. I’d advise you start with his classics, many of which are on the Born in the USA album, where No Surrender is my favourite song ever. Nebraska is essential inspiration for you moody songwriters out there, while The River holds some of his greatest lyrical work. There’s so much to choose from, so whatever you choose you’ll be safe in the muscly (and really rather attractive) arms of Bruce.

After all, they don’t call him The Boss for nothing.

Lucy Keown

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