Cyril Hahn

21st November- it was time. After what seems like decades I, along with friends (thank god) ventured out of the “west-end bubble” to the far away land of The Arches to see Ryan Hemsworth and Cyril Hahn, the DJ responsible for THAT remix of Destiny’s Child’s Say My Name.

Loved by Annie Mac and with over 600,000 hits on his soundcloud, Swiss-born Hahn first rose to fame in 2012 by releasing free mix-tapes and remixes online. This summer his Say My Name remix reached number 1 on Hype Machine- anything with Queen B involved is unstoppable.

Well-known for his remixes of popular songs (Mariah Carey’s Touch My Body included- RESULT), good old Cyril toured the UK throughout November to share his atmospheric self-proclaimed “if you wanna get down to business” music. In typical Glasgow style- freezingcoldbutwho’scaringaslongasyou’renotpaying£1.50forcloakroom, we descended into the giant stone-clad venue.

Once owned by British Rail, since 1999 The Arches has become one of Scotland’s most unique venues for clubbing, theatre, art exhibitions and a vast range of other events. Voted the 12th best venue in the world in a DJ Magazine poll in 2007, the enormous space under Central Station features 7 stone arches, and was a perfect venue for the night.

Making our way through the arches, pit-stopping at the bar obvz, we arrived in front of DJ Ryan Hemsworth as he filled the space with his stripped back melancholic remixes. His mixes of looped vocals played out over ambient beats drew in the crowds to form a sweat-fest gang in front of the DJ booth- good luck getting out if the bar was calling.

At some point during the early hours, it was Cyril Hahn’s time to take to the stage with his set beginning with a fairly minimalist feel.  It’s fair to say that until the familiar Say My Name, Hahn’s set was perhaps lacking in something to grip the audience and only when his set reached its climax did revellers really get involved, with people on shoulders, hands in the air, and me thinking I was part of Destiny’s child singing “say my naaaaaaame, say my naaaaaame”.

This aside, Hahn played a pretty good set and I, along with everyone else, didn’t stand still the whole night as the crowd swayed back and forth to the atmospheric music. Covered in who knows who’s sweat with croaky voices and only somebody’s chips’n’cheese to warm our fingers waiting for a taxi at 4am, it was evident the night had been a success.


By Flora Mackeddie

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