7 Things I Hate About Christmas

So this year I am ridiculously excited about Christmas. More so than any other year. I’ve constantly got Christmas music on, been eating mince pies since October and my Primani Christmas jumper is a permanent fixture, no matter the temperature outside. I feel as though Christmas this year has been coming for donkeys and now that it’s getting close enough to touch, the excitement is all becoming a bit too much. I love MOST things about Christmas; the snow, the family times, the food, the skiing, the return to a place where no matter what the weather we go out sans coat and in heels (Newcastle, for anyone who’s wondering)… most things. There are, however, some things that I am a little bah humbug about. Things I’d pretty much forgotten until round about now, when suddenly all the glitz and glamour of Christmas is being called into question.

  1. Buying Presents for Dads – such a tricky one. I mean, for my dad, what do you get a man who has no real interests or hobbies OTHER THAN playing tennis? There’s only so many tennis balls you can buy someone. Socks (clearly a good one) and squash balls (mixing it up a bit) are always good options…Then we continually hit a wall (or a net…aha…ah..ha.). After 21 years of inventive presents which are shoved to the back of the spare room’s wardrobe, I feel we’re coming to a drought on Dad gifts.

  2. The competitive games suggested by that Uncle you don’t quite see eye to eye with – Ask anyone who knows me, and they will let you know that I LOVE being competitive. I also love games. What a great combo, I hear you shout, Christmas day is jam packed with competitive games like articulate or boggle or the famous Who’s in the bag. I will miss out on these, most likely, for The Johnston Christmas Games. These games include Who-Can-Do-The-Plank-The-Longest and Who-Can-Show-Off-The-Most-About-Their-Athletic-Achievements. Imagine trying to do the plank and being told you won’t be having any Christmas dinner until you’ve done it AT LEAST 5 minutes. I mean…it’s not the funnest way to spend the day.

  3. Awkward pudding – who even likes Christmas pudding?! No one. There’s a reason we don’t eat anything like it the rest of the year.

  4. Receiving presents – there is SO much pressure, I physically can’t take it. Obviously it’s really exciting opening presents, but what if it’s not what you want? What if they think you’re disappointed because you didn’t react as well as they wanted you to? What if you GENUINELY are disappointed?! It’s all just a bit too much for me I think.

  5. The fact that every single person in Glasgow seems to descend on Buchanan Street every single day to do their Christmas shopping – Okay maybe not every person, but for the most part it is battling up tide like a salmon up a stream. Just trying to make it to H&M to buy a pack of tights turns into a full on mission lasting hours.

  6. Tinsel – potentially I was scarred by once being shoved into a costume and forced to play a ‘Tatty Piece of Tinsel’ in a school Christmas play. But generally, I can’t understand why anyone would enjoy tinsel. It’s so shiny and scratchy (to wear).

  7. The Whole White Christmas façade – Is it gonna be a white Christmas?!?! Or isn’t it!? OOOH THE DISCUSSION IS ENDLESS….except, that its not. Cos it’s the weather. And it won’t be white. At best it’ll be slushy and grey and make your toes freezing no matter how many pairs of socks you have on.

So there you have it, seven of my least favourite things about Christmas. But in truth…I can pretend to be grumpy about it all I want, but those are just seven tiny little cons to at least one hundred million pros. And I mean, I really don’t think you can ever have too many tennis balls can you?

-Harriet Johnston

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