Chvrches To Hit DF

chvrchesUnless you’ve been living under a stone this year, Chvrches is definitely a band that should be on the tip of your musical taste buds. The electro-synthpop trio caused a massive stir online after releasing a couple of YouTube tracks that launched them into major European and American tours. In case you have been out of the loop, here’s why you should be getting very excited for the 105th Daft Friday!

First things first, what’s with the name? A mysterious meaning? Funky pronunciation? It turns out there’s nothing pretentious about it and don’t worry about making a fool of yourself (you do pronounce it churches). “We thought it sounded cool,” says Mayberry (lead vocals), “we were just tired of competing with Jesus for Internet hits”. Although the name is a wee bit tricky to punch into Google, the band has carved out a serious following through their online and social media presence. Unlike many groups hoovered up by record labels, Chvrches have always stressed their reluctance to hand over accounts to management. Regularly replying to fans, online Q & As and plenty of tour selfies have kept the trio closely linked to followers. However, this intimacy is not without its downsides. Mayberry recently penned a piece in the Guardian highlighting the volume of “condescending and offensive messages” she must regularly filter through to get to the fan correspondence the band value so greatly. Despite this embracing social media has worked for Chvrches. In Mayberry’s own words, the Internet “has arguably been the key reason anyone knows about us at all”

At the core of Chvrches’ awesomeness is undoubtedly their music. Finalists in BBC’s Sound of 2013 and picking up Best Pop Single of the Year from Popjustice with “The Mother We Share”, their slick sound has certainly been turning heads. Unquestionably Scottish but with an assertive synthpop beat, tracks like Lungs and Under the Tide (where Doherty takes vocals) have clearly established a bold new player on the Scottish scene. Despite only forming in 2011 the trio’s album The Bones of What You Believe is full to the brim with tasty melodies. Mayberry’s innocent voice floats over the album whilst Doherty and Cook unleash a quirky pulse throughout.

The group have been involved in many different bands yet it was not always clear music was their future. Mayberry first studied law and had promising ambitions as a journalist – her article on the hygiene of body piercing won the Journalism Award from the Royal Environmental Health Institute of Scotland. It turns out body piercing even grosser than you first thought. The trio was hardly pushed into music too. “One thing’s for certain. You know you’ve made it when your parents aren’t averse to the idea of you pursuing your music. That mum heard a song and said; “That’s alright.’

So Daft Friday has been accomplished and you’re mulling over the shenanigans with your flatmates. You cut some sick shapes to Gun and The Mother We Share and maybe got a bit trippy with Science/Visions. I’ve got a feeling you won’t agree with Doherty’s mum. Chvrches is a damn sight better than “all right”!

-Ali Cooper

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