The Vision of a New GU Tradition

Glasgow University Charity Fashion Show

Image“You know that picture of Kate Middleton at her uni fashion show? That’s what we’re trying to do!” And it all made sense. My point of reference for the St Andrews Charity Fashion show was THAT moment. The three excitable members of the GUCFS (Glasgow University Charity Fashion Show) sat in front of me were doing just that- creating their very own ‘Kate in THAT dress moment’. I was actually quite surprised myself when they informed me that the St Andrews and Edinburgh Charity fashion shows were so well established yet University of Glasgow (with its undeniable trademark style) has yet to venture into the world of fashion- until now.

I walked into a room full of pretty things- models, make-up and dresses. As preparations started to get under-way for GUCFS’s first fashion shoot, the excitement in the room was tangible. So we slipped off away from the buzz and the smell of hairspray to find a quiet place to chat.  A flushed Blake Sinclair joined Morgan McTiernan and Fern Logue, rather wittily announcing ‘stressed but well dressed’. As Blake began to reveal his aspirations for the fashion show, the vision is undeniably soaked in the ambiance of Glasgow. The theme of the show ‘after dark’ lends from Glasgow’s unique underground chic. GUCFS is not just an event, but a GU society created by GU students in the hope of pooling the talents of own students from across the different areas of University life.

As the GUCFS members continued to excitably discuss how they plan to create a presence on campus through Fresher’s Week and a launch party, it seems that this is the society to look out for in the next academic year.
With House of Fraser providing the dresses for the shoot (also spotted on the BAFTA red carpet) and local student photographer Scott Thomas capturing an elegant mystic under the cloisters, GUCFS have made their opening statement a glamorous reinvention of the classic take on tradition.

GUCFS are not only out to inspire but to recruit. So if you’re interested in becoming a part of the team, get ahead of the trend now by following on GUCFS social media.


Twitter: @GUCFS

Kathryn Stevenson

Photography by Romain Ricchi

Image     Image

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