Top 10 Friends Celebrity Cameos

As Friends draws closer to its 20th anniversary (HOW OLD ARE WE!?) of the premiere, let’s take a look at the 10 best celebrity cameos on the show’s successful run.

1. Brad Pitt as Will Colbert A.K.A – The Guy That Rachel Bullied At High School.

Ahh. Swoon. (RIP Brad and Jen)


2. Robin Williams and Billy Crystal AKA- The Guys Who Crash The Orange Central Perk Couch

Unscripted cameo, comedy genius. “ Maybe it’s my wound, its ooooozing”


3. Ben Stiller  as Tommy AKA- The Screamer

Just one of Rachel’s many crazy boyfriends . Oh the laughs.


4. Freddie Prinze Jr as Sandy AKA- The Manny

Super sensitive nanny, super funny cameo. MORE PLEASE.


5. Bruce Willis as Paul Stevens AKA Elizabeth’s Dad and Rachel’s Boyfriend Who Hates Ross

Did I mention that he hated Ross?


6. Alec Baldwin as Parker AKA Phoebe’s Over Enthusiastic Boyfriend

Get ready to take a mental picture of this…. *CLICK*


 7. Christina Applegate as Amy Green AKA Rachel’s Other Sister

One very spoilt bitch . Brilliant.


8.Charlie Sheen as Ryan AKA Phoebe’s Lover From The Navy

They kissed. They got chicken pox. They scratched. A lot.


9.Gary Oldman as Richard Crosby AKA The Drunk Actor Who Won’t Stop Spitting on Joey.


10. Hugh Laurie AKA The Gentleman On The Plane Who Thinks Rachel Is A Terrible Person

Dr . House knew that Rachel and Ross were in fact ‘on a break’.



Reunion episode/series/movie please!

Annabeth Wilson

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