Junebug, Saturday 25/10/14 @ Nice’n’Sleazy

Junebug 1

Junebug is a new band from Glasgow, composed of one woman leading four men, with a classic set-up of two guitarists, one bass player, a drummer and a singer. Now you know a bit about them, let’s get down to the gig. Or at least down the stairs of Nice’n’Sleazy.

I liked the setlist arrangement which varied in style. It went from ‘rock on’ songs, as described by Angus the guitarist, to more poppy and acoustic choruses. The centre character of the band was definitely the lead singer, who stole the show with her powerful voice.

The band played a mix of their own songs and a few covers from The Black Keys and CHVRCHES, which mixed it up nicely. They had time to play their set of singles from which ‘Lines’ is my favourite. It’s probably one of the least rock-intense song but the singing is finely emphasised, and it was well performed on the night.

The gig ended on the CHVRCHES cover which was sang very close to the original version though the instrumental was transformed to a rock/hard rock version. I LOVED THE KEYBOARD, it really struck me on this cover and I realised it was under-used on all the other songs of the band. Junebug, you might want to explore this path! (I am probably too keyboard-keen right now…)

Overall, the band performed a very enjoyable gig corresponding to the intimate atmosphere of Nice’n’Sleazy. Junebug is on its way to maturity and I hope to hear from them soon with new original songs.

*Notes on the support bands

Codist – Classic Teenager garage band, guys you’ve got a lot of potential with the several original songs you played; get a cleaner sound and keep going!

Kung Fu Academy- I’m impressed. A new sound, pop with changing rhythm sometimes close to reggae (not surprising with a song called ‘Kingston’). The sound was clearer than the other bands, the singer’s voice more present and distinctive. Probably my favourite of the evening!

Romain Ricchi

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