Cloudents Review

My first semester in Glasgow has been brilliant but as we know all good things must come to an end. Thus, it has come to that dreaded part of the year where there are late nights, mountains of notes and numerous cups of tea or coffee to make sense of what you learnt in week 1 and why there are doodles on your notes instead of detailed summaries (we all have the occasional artistic inspiration in the middle of a rather ‘riveting’ lecture or seminar).

Then after a short interpretation of these rather unimpressive drawings you consider, Wouldn’t life have been easier for me if I had just organised all of my notes at the time I had attended the lectures and seminars. Luckily, I’ve signed up to a Cloudents, a free social studying website. As a result, I can upload my notes and have the ease of accessing them on my laptop and mobile. This is great for those times when you want to fit in a quick study session on the train, bus or even lying in bed.

I also can create quizzes to test myself and my peers on the topics we have studied. This will especially be helpful just before an exam standing outside the exam room. Instead of shuffling through paper or having your friend- who is still trying to work out what subject they are sitting an exam for- test you, you can have access to numerous other hardworking students quizzes as well as your own quiz in the convenience of an online platform.

Another fantastic feature is that you can share, review and discuss topics and documents with your fellow students, which is useful when you have a last minute question late at night, such as “which building is our exam in?” or even as simple as ”Will we need a calculator tomorrow?” Cloudents has all the answers you will need and more.

The site is set out in modules specific to GU so I can also access documents that other people have uploaded, which is so useful when it comes to finding past exam papers and completing them as part of my revision. Cloudents is a fantastic hub and basis for my studies and I can use it to expand my knowledge with the multitude of features and benefits available.

Basically, no more last minute “WHERE ARE MY NOTES!?” struggles the night before an exam. Win win.

Taggy Elliot

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