Album Review: Separations, Pulp

Romain Ricchi

I was recently pointed toward the ’90s band Pulp by my favourite music seller. ‘Separations, released in 1992, is a succession of melodramatic songs about love coming to an end. This album shows a rather fast tempo teamed up with a dark atmosphere. I don’t mind when albums have random lyrics but when album like this one emphasizes their importance, I am charmed.

Usually I listen to full albums and never listen to particular songs on their own. However, some tracks on this album are better than others. The album builds up throughout the first few songs and culminates with ‘Countdown’ which was the first song of the second side of the vinyl.

The pace gets faster, synthesizers have an increased presence and the singer’s troubles sound heavier.

Pulp – Separation. 1992 Cover

Another climaxing point is ‘Death II’, mainly for the synthesizer line and again the ultra present voice of the singer and the lyrics.

The ending song is a beautiful 8 minutes finish with an intro characterized as ‘acid house’. The rest of the song has some ’90s dance & underground characteristics which surprised me as an ending. In a sense I like this a lot more than what most of the albums give us; a cheesy slow and quiet ending song.
This album is about separation, but I feel the complete opposite about it. I can’t let it go, and have to play it every so often – as it ends I am unable to find another album I want to listen to.

I believe this album aged well with its experimental side that could have buried it a long time ago. It’s older than me but I think I wouldn’t have been able to appreciate it totally until quite recently

My favourite bits:

-The singer gets real real freedom on the music lines, singing – or let’s say humming – along the rhythm.
-Dark atmosphere but very attractive
-He hits the ground, he hits the roof – (writing acid house music and lyrics means he really needs to take acid…)

My least favourite:
-The 2012 reissue cover where the writings are completely different from the original issue and I feel the name of the band is largely missing compared to the fat pink writing of the original cover.

Pulp – Separation 2012 Re-issue Cover

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