Be My Budget Valentine..?

Annabeth Wilson

With Valentine’s Day practically on our doorstep already, the fear may have set in for many of you on how to treat that special someone in your life. Worse still, your bank account is probably in its own personal pit of despair.  WORRY NOT MY FRIENDS! The official list to ensure that your Valentine’s date is both gastronomically impressive and financially viable is here! It’s time to feel the love.

The 78

Is there anything quite like soulful jazz music when dealing with affairs of the heart? With an exciting variety of vegetarian and vegan delicacies to offer, make your Valentine’s a healthy one. Even better, students receive 10% off all food. As you would expect, the lunch time meals are less expensive than the evening meals, but even then you are getting one delicious, arguably exotic meal at a stunning price. Plus, jazz on Sundays means you can extend that hazy Valentine’s feeling all weekend.


Kember & Jones

Possibly the prettiest deli in the West End, Kember  & Jones knows how to best display their goods. Cakes, buns and pastries are beautifully arranged along the counter, tempting you with their treats and delights. The deli is bright and the wood finish on the majority of counters and tables is classy; a Valentine’s here ensures a sophisticated date for both parties.  K&J is truly a pleasure for all the senses , and is an ideal Valentine lunch spot for those seeking to impress. Who doesn’t love cake?



Small space, steamy windows, endless time to gaze into one another’s eyes… No , this is not that scene from Titanic, but a fantastic coffee shop serving delicious coffee and fantastic food options . It’s a cosy little shop, giving you that excuse to shimmy a little closer to your date. Papercup’s brunch options are out of this world , with a particular fancy of mine being their French Toast and white chocolate brownie. Disclaimer: You may fall in love with the sweet treats and coffee and forget about the person you brought here to dine and dazzle. Further Disclaimer: You won’t give a shit.Papercup

Smile Cafe

Whilst French may be the language of love, there is no doubt in my mind that Italian cuisine is the food of love.  Is there anything more romantic or stomach-loving than cured meats and freshly baked bread? Smile Café is a tiny bite of Italy situated on Queen Margaret Drive , offering fantastic sandwiches , sumptuous coffee and terrific pastries seven days a week. This snug little café is the perfect spot to snuggle up to your date , share a freshly baked focaccia sandwich and chat about the little things. Wash it all down with an espresso and pistachio pastry, knowing that you’re not breaking the bank. Ahh AMORE!smile-cafe

Inn Deep

Valentine’s Day should be the day that nothing else matters apart from you and your other half. Obviously, in a city as large and as busy as Glasgow , getting away from it all can be difficult , especially if you don’t have the cash to spare on a weekend away. Inn Deep can be the hide away that you’re looking for! Found tucked away beside the River Kelvin , Inn Deep offers great pints and huge plates of food. Ideal for the casual romantic , enjoy a pint of Jokers IPA and their delicious pulled pork ciabatta , whilst the hustle and bustle of the West End continues above you.Inn Deep


Who needs oysters when you can feed each other sushi ?  A personal favourite of mine, Wudon is utterly flawless, both in the food that they serve, and the price that they ask for. All dishes are flavoursome and hearty, ensuring you get your money’s worth.  As well as this, they have an impressive selection of cocktails to kickstart any date into the highest romantic gear if the atmosphere is feeling a tad lukewarm. Failing that, just get really ridiculously drunk and forget what a failure the evening was- the sake will do that for you!


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