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Kathryn Stevenson

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I’ve had three major celebrity crushes in my life- Richard Fleeshman, Robert Pattinson and now- Eddie Redmayne. I know what you’re thinking, quite the list of talented men. I know how to pick them. With the anticipation Eddie’s Oscar building, it’s fair to say that he stands out from the crowd. Although, Richard Fleeshman did win SoapStar SuperStar- tough crowd.

After spending a disgusting amount of time watching YouTube clips of Redmayne, I decided to move onto a heartier portion and embark upon watching all of Eddie Redmayne’s movies. A first it happened by accident. I recognised him in an obscure film, gave him a search on IMBD and lightly considered watching one out of interest. Then next thing you know, it’s 3am, my eyes are square, and it seems my curiosity has developed into a bit of bad habit. So you may as well benefit from my recent Redmayne movie binges (don’t judge, it’s dissertation season) and hear a review of one or two…

good_shepherd_bts01 (1)

The Good Shepard – 2006

A fresh faced Redmanye plays the son of CIA spy (Matt Daemon) and despondent house wife (Angelina Jolie) directed by Robert De Niro. Although a minor role, Redmanye delivers a subtle performance of the struggle of a young adult seeking approval from a Father consumed in the chaotic and callus world of government in a post-cold war era.  No Eddie obsession needed, this movie stands on its own as a fascinating portrayal of the CIA. Although only regarded as loosely based on true events, the exceptional styling of the set adds to the captivating nature of the film as a whole.

Edward Wilson: “You are never to tell anyone what it is that I do!”

Clover Wilson: “What you do? I don’t know what you do! You leave at five, you’re home at ten, seven days a week! I live with a ghost! I don’t know anything about you!”


The Yellow Handkerchief – 2008

Redmayne plays an amusingly awkward character accidently embarking on a roadtrip with a pre-twilight Kristian Stewart (unfortunately she is still as frustrating to watch) on a journey to reunite former prisoner (William Hurt) with his disenchanted lover (Maria Bello). Without doubt, my favourite Eddie Redmayne performance. His ability to capture such an adorably misunderstood character conveys his detail for the craft. Redmayne fully embodies the role with his whole body and the manipulation of his voice- you begin to recognise a certain style of technique that is carried through to his now, Oscar anticipated, performance of ‘The Theory of Everything’.  Don’t worry, we’ll get to that. In the stripped bare landscape of the Louisiana setting, Redmayne’s rare talent is exposed and colours a rather grey but still heart-warming story line.

Brett Hanson: “I was gonna ask you to marry me.”

May: “What? You don’t know a thing about me.”

Brett Hanson: “You just told me who you are. But I already knew. Your whole life is in your face.”

boleyn_cut_02 (1)

The Other Boleyn Girl – 2008

If it’s Eddie Redmanye loaded film you’re looking for, this is not it. However, a love for Philippa Gregory novels growing up meant I was pleasantly surprised to catch a glimpse of Redmanye in Justin Chadwick’s film adaption. Natalie Portman and Scarlet Johansson play the two Boleyn sisters who famously fought for the affection of King Henry VIII (Eric Bana). Redmanye fits delightfully back into his English accent as the story tells the scandals of life at Court.

King Henry VIII: “With no man to hold onto how do you plan to stay on your horse?”

Anne Boleyn: “As you do Your Grace, with my thighs.”

Hick-1-DI-to-L8 (1)

Hick – 2011

Eddie Redmanye with a thick southern drawl? You got it. Is there anything this man can’t do? Redmayne plays ex-rodeo Eddie Kreezer who picks up thirteen year old Luli (Chloë Moretz), a runaway escaping her neglected Nebraskan home in pursuit of the bright lights of Las Vegas.  The film is charmingly sinister as it unravels the ‘Coming of Age’ story through the dark and dramatic encounters of life on the road. Blake Lively plays a rather predictable supporting role of Glenda. Her performance is sound but lacks the tantalizing shivers that Redmanye and Moretz ooze so instinctively. The star of the show has to go ‘Kick Ass’ actor Chloe Moretz who mastered a seductive innocence that blends so easily with Redmanye’s smouldering and treacherous character. As you can probably guess, I really liked this one too.


Eddie Kreezer: “Smart and pretty. That right there is a deadly combination.”

Luli McMullen: “You, you think I’m pretty?”

my-week-with-marilyn_02 (1)
My Week with Marilyn – 2011

Three icons, one movie. It’s another treat for the history lovers. Eddie Redmanye plays Colin Clark, a runner on the set of Sir Laurence Olivier’s 1957 production of “The Prince and the Showgirl” who is granted exceptional access to the star of the show, Marilyn Monroe (Michelle Williams). The film exposes Monroe’s fragmented nature of her marriage to Arthur Miller as she seeks comfort in a young yet delightfully charming Colin Clark. Redmanye fits comfortably into this role, a little bit too comfortable perhaps. Yet it facilitates Redmayne’s flawless transition into a household name. I can’t quite figure out if Williams’ portrayal of Marilyn is unconvincing or simply not the Marilyn I was expecting. However a fascinating watch soaked in historical detail. And plenty of Eddie air-time to keep your heart content.

Colin Clark: “Here’s what I remember most: her embrace. Her belief in me. And the joy she gave. That was her gift. When I think of her now, I think of that time when a dream came true. And my only talent was not to close my eyes”

STA1314MISERABLES4_316940kLes Miserables – 2012

If Tom Hooper’s ‘The King’s Speech’ in 2010 was anything to go by, then there was no doubt that under his direction Les Mis would be nothing less than a master piece. I’m not going to linger on this one purely because if you haven’t seen it by now- you should have. Anne Hathaway shaves her hair off on set for crying out loud. And Eddie reveals that acting isn’t his only gift. With an Etonian/Cambridge education, it’s no surprise really that Redmayne has the voice every choir boy has only dream of. Although prepare to hear lots of it- musical theatre haters beware.

Rather uninspired by the quotations, so I decided to opt for some Trivia instead-
Eddie Redmayne’s audition was on his iPhone. He recorded himself singing in a trailer during a movie break while filming ‘Hick’ in North Carolina.


The Theory of Everything– 2014

There aren’t enough words. Being able to watch such a mesmerizing story be brought to life is one thing. But the conviction in doing so portrayed by both Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones is utterly astonishing. The problem with a film like this one is that the story goes before it. I did anticipate that the raving reviews were also a reflection of an extraordinary man, Stephen Hawking. However the film deserves all the credit that has been poured out over it. As Hawking’s struggle with motor neurone disease begins to unfold, I found myself completely unware of the actor. Even upon realisation, my ability to distinguish between the story and the actor disappeared- a truly unique and breath-taking cinematic experience.

The only criticism would that that Eddie’s ground breaking performance overshadows the heart wrenching performance of Felicity Jones playing Hawking’s first wife, Jane. Jones delivers an anguishing and touching performance of the power of a devoted wife in a seemingly impossible situation. I found the most beautiful message of the movie is Jane’s ability to never give up. The depth of Jones’ performance paired with Redmayne’s transformation, makes for a collaborative work of genius.

Stephen Hawking: “There should be no boundaries to human endeavour. We are all different. However bad life may seem, there is always something you can do, and succeed at. While there’s life, there is hope.”

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