Film Review: Focus

Ally Clark Starring Will Smith and Margot Robbie in lead roles, Focus is a crime comedy that see them play two con-artists. Will Smith plays Nicky, a smooth and seasoned pro in his line of work. After a failed attempt by Jess (Robbie) to hustle Nicky, he soon takes her under his wing and begins to … More Film Review: Focus


Owen Martin Why you need to watch Shark Week In the summer of 2008, my parents answered all my prayers by booking a holiday for me and my sister to go to Disney World in Florida. When we arrived in Orlando, one of the first things I saw was not Micky Mouse or Donald Duck, … More SHARK WEEK


Aisling Holling When I heard that Taylor Swift was removing her music from Spotify my reaction was, “Pah, well everyone is just going to stop listening to her then. Good luck Taylor!” From that moment on she has successfully made me eat my words and I have gone from a Taylor hater to a full … More Obsess-a-Taylor