Aisling Holling

When I heard that Taylor Swift was removing her music from Spotify my reaction was, “Pah, well everyone is just going to stop listening to her then. Good luck Taylor!” From that moment on she has successfully made me eat my words and I have gone from a Taylor hater to a full blown obsessed fan. Not only did I purchase her album, 1989, but I then listened to it on repeat for at least a week (or three) afterwards.

Taylor even takes selfies with fans, SHE'S SO GREAT
Taylor even takes selfies with fans, SHE’S SO GREAT

Taylor Swift has become an unstoppable force, making the world fall deeper in love with her with everything she does. 2014 saw the cutesy girl Taylor turn into a woman with sass, a sense of humour and let’s face it, unbelievable PR skills. She has become firmly established as one of the world’s nicest pop stars – from reaching out to bullied fans to sending a lucky few of them ‘Swiftmas’ presents. By the simple act of writing a cheque to help a fan pay off her student loans, Swift has again secured wall-to-wall coverage around the world. Oh, and the fact that the cheque was for the deeply meaningful sum of $1,989 (1989 – get it?) does no harm.

If that wasn’t enough to convince you then maybe her response to a news reporter rudely suggesting she would be going home with lots of men will. During an interview before The Grammys Nancy O’Dell from Entertainment Tonight said, “You’re going to walk home with more than maybe just a trophy tonight, I think lots of men.”  To which Taylor replied, looking cold and extremely unamused, “I’m not going to walk home with any men tonight… I’m going to hang out with my friends and then I go home to the cats.”

Taylor’s next step towards world domination, however, might not go down quite so well with the fans. Rumour has it that she has applied to trademark lyrics from her album, 1989, such as “This Sick Beat” and “Nice to meet you, where you been?” along with several others. This means that if Topshop wanted to sell a t-shirt with the phrase “This Sick Beat” on it for example, Taylor could sue their asses. However, knowing Taylor – like we all do of course – I wouldn’t be surprised if she manages to turn this into her next PR win.

Look out for her newest single, Style, with it’s video released on Friday 13th February. Coincidence? I think not.   

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