Healthy is the New Sexy

We’ve all noticed the health obsessed, cleanse crazy hashtags bombarding our Instagram feed, updating us all just how great they feel on a #juicecleanse because after all #youarewhatyoueat. Having recently opened so close to the university, The Juice Garden seems to be quite the hype in this social media frenzy, with big names such as Frankie Boyle and David Connor being snapped there.11051482_10205276178177040_1992194776_n (1)

The Juice Garden was created to provide a healthy alternative to the vast number of fast food outlets in big cities. Offering 100% freshly extracted fruit, rye bread and a grass floor, what better place to start…it’s just sooo west end darling

11047238_10205276177977035_771586428_n (1)
Frin and I on our West End adventure

This month myself and Frin Hayden donned our shiniest Nike trainers as we struggled past Greggs to the botanical juice bar on Byres Road. The interior maintained the clean, fresh theme continued throughout the menu, with a glass front, white walls and a grass floor in the seated area. Although it is quite small, the friendly and relaxed atmosphere provides the perfect place to come to catch up with friends over lunch.

When we arrived we were talked through the wide range of juices available on the menu, which are categorised into green and red juices, botanical smoothies and healthy & beauty juices. Under each juice the menu also includes a short list of the beneficial effects of the juice, ranging from an energiser to a 12oz cancer deterrent. After careful consideration, we went for the recommended hangover cure “soup”er salad and BIG GYM set to work as a respiratory aid, provide oxygen to cells and high in electrolytes, all for just £3.85. We both ordered a sandwich as well and were given advice on the sauce that would best compliment it.

The smoothies were nice but a few gulps it became obvious we’d really thrown ourselves in at the deep end opting for the green juices as there was no disguising the blended combination of spinach, carrots and celery. In hindsight I’d recommend easing yourself in slowly to the botanical experience by starting of with something sweet and fruity. Although the order got a bit confused the sandwiches were great, they came on rye bread and were a good size, averaging at about £5 each. We would both highly recommend the Popeye Chicken. It was also a nice addition that you could customise your sandwich with one of their three sauces.11040112_10205276177697028_596899993_n (1)

Overall the prices were pretty reasonable, although faring slightly more than your average sandwich and juice we feel this is justified for a healthy, fresh, guilt free meal – and of course the hundreds of guaranteed Instagram likes – now we all know #healthyisthenewsexy.

Emma’s Choices: Soup’er Salad Juice & B’root Sandwich – beetroot, creamy hummus, finely grated carrot, beetroot ketchup

Frin’s Choice’s: Big Gym Juice & Popeye Chicken Sandwich – chicken, avocado and spinach , nut based pesto

233 Byres Road, G12 8UD

Take-out and delivery options available also


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