Erasmust: Ellen Andrew

Ellen Andrew

When I applied to study abroad I almost forgot about that fact that I would have to actually physically pack my bags and move to the other side of the world. But here I am, just over a year after I received my nomination from Seoniad at RIO and I am sitting in my student halls bedroom at The University of Western Australia (UWA) in Perth, Australia.
Ellen Kangaroo

At the beginning it was like being a fresher all over again, attending activity fayres and being swept along in the enthusiasm of all the different types of student helper, not to mention being forced to take your student card photo ID when you are not really feeling your brightest. However, that “fresher” novelty quickly wore off as I again realised that I am a third year, not a first year, and the catch of a 2nd semester only study abroad means that all my third year honours courses are crammed into twelve fun filled weeks.Ellen Beach

I sound like I am complaining, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

In the past week and a half alone I have been surfing, I’ve been to Future Music festival, where I was within reaching distance of Drake, and I have been to Little Creatures Brewery for beer tasting in Fremantle and snorkelled off the edge of Rottnest Island. This weekend I am taking a trip down to the wineries and beaches at Margaret River. Oh and in between classes and afternoons off I go to Cottesloe beach (No.7 in Aus according to TripAdvisor) just to relax.  My life is insane and this is only really the beginning.Ellen Snorkling

I miss home and Glasgow of course but it is very strange the things you miss. Naturally I miss my family and friends, nights out to Viper and the Beer Bar and I get huge amounts of FOMO when I see Snapchat stories because it is usually around the time I am getting up and going to class. But bizarrely I actually miss things like the library, Byres Road Tesco and UK drinks prices the most. Not because these are things I am particularly fond of, but the norm is just comforting sometimes. The library here is only three floors, just not enough altitude really when I would consider myself a regular of level 7. The local store is just not Tesco in any shape or form and if I tell you a “cheap” single vodka out here sets you back minimum £4.60 on a weekday, well I think that says it all.

Getting used to a new life, a new country and being so far from home is hard but if I blink I will miss it. So please excuse my excessive use of instagram for the next five months because I plan to gram absolutely everything I see.

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