Opinion: I’m fed up with this Election

Hannah Burgess

As we approach May, exams loom for students, as they do every year, however on the 7th May 2015 we all face a much bigger question than the ones in front of us in the examination halls. Who will form the next government of the United Kingdom? I don’t know about you but I for one could not be more confused about what each party is actually proposing to bring to Westminster and the changes they propose for the country. On one level I want to know more to make an informed and educated decision, but the more the election trail goes on the more I want the whole thing to be over and done with tomorrow.

The British media have an unfortunate talent in taking an interesting subject matter, such as possibly the closest election of recent years, and turning it into a circus focusing on irrelevant details. In interviewing each of the main party leaders in their own homes, ITV news created a platform which could have brought some very interesting revelations which would be useful to us in making our decision.  Yet from this emerged ‘Kitchengate.’ I can honestly say that whether or not the Camerons have every kitchen gadget under the sun, the Milibands have two kitchens or the lack of a sink at the Cleggs will have absolutely no impact on who I back on the 7th, and frankly nor should it.

Ed Miliband and the irrelevant 'Kitchengate'
Ed Miliband and the irrelevant ‘Kitchengate’

I’m also tired of negative campaigning. I don’t care what Labour’s view of the Liberal Democrats is, or what UKIP think of the Conservatives. Personal attacks are unpleasant and unnecessary.  What happened to common decency, to the idea that, if you can’t say something nice about someone it’s best to say nothing at all?  What I would like to have are honest answers, to address the pressing social and economic issues facing the nation today, not yesterday or when Tony Blair was Prime Minister, today, and where that is going to take us to next month, next year and the year after. The debates that appear on our television screens descend into scenes reminiscent of children in a primary school playground; the bully, the drama queen, the quiet one in the corner, the one who tries to be everyones friend but is nobodies, the one that tries to buy friendship with sweeties and the one who has to win at all costs are all there, arguing amongst themselves to be heard with the end result that none of them are. JUST TELL ME WHAT YOU ARE GOING TO DO, HOW AND WHEN!

So they say vote for someone you trust, vote for someone you believe. I don’t trust any of them nor do I believe them, yet people threw themselves in front of racehorses and chained themselves to railings for me to have the right to vote and so I feel a moral obligation to do so. How will I vote? Your guess is as good as mine!

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