GUCFS: It’s back and better than ever

GUCFS is back with a bang, ready for the lead up to their show, Unleashed, in February 2016.

I went behind the scenes for G-You at their ‘Introducing// The Models 2015’ shoot, and had a chat with Kristen Don, their President, about the show itself and what we can look forward to from the most fashionable society on campus.


Natalia: What was your inspiration for today’s shoot? 
Kristen: I’m President of the actual fashion show, and Holly Fergusson is head of creative this year. Our theme is ‘Unleashed’ for this year. Last year was very much about introducing ourselves and making a statement to the university of who we are, and that we’re here to stay. This year, for me anyway, is about harnessing the creative talent and innovation in our marketing and production. It’s amazing how far we’ve gotten so far with our teams and how much effort has been put in. So, this shoot’s inspiration is really about the models, introducing the models and unleashing them. Obviously some of them have never modelled before, some have been models for a while. This morning, we’ve already had someone who’s actually a fashion model in Milan, so he’s good, he’s very strong, his poses are fantastic. Most of the models however are just normal students, like you and me.
What do you hope to gain from organising the fashion show?
I love that question! Personally, I love to watch people grow, I love being a part of helping someone else to be more confident, to learn more skills. GUCFS is a platform for experience, so we are hoping to establish ourselves as a professional entity who really push boundaries. This year I hope that I will push my own boundaries and gain some new skills.
How is this fashion show different from last year? 
Obviously, we’ve got a new team on board this year, we’ve still got some of the old team, which is great for experience and things. We have a new charity as well, last year we were with ‘The Beatson Pebble Appeal’, which is a fantastic cause; this year we are going for ‘The Teenage Cancer Trust’. That resonates, that’s fantastic with people our age. Everyone hates cancer, and obviously it has touched so many lives. The fact that we can actually give back to people that are in Glasgow, who have been affected by cancer, who are between the ages of  thirteen to twenty-four, is just amazing. Really, I guess it’s the fact that it’s different creativity and minds behind all the departments, so I have no idea what the differences are going to be, we’ll see in February!
How do you go about finding your theme? 
The committee is chosen in March, and from March to next February, we work. Our heads of creative, heads of marketing, head of production, and I as President oversee everything. I like to pull out the best in people, so I don’t run it as my opinion, but I do get the end say. I am very strategic in my decisions, I listen to everyone. It’s something we choose together, now there’s always gonna be someone who’s not going to be happy with the end decision, but that’s part of the game.
Models: Ruaraidh Fowler and Harveen Rai
Models: Ruaraidh Fowler and Harveen Rai
Where do the collections for the show come from? 
Last year, they were young designers, graduated designers, generally not student designs though. This year, we’ll just see where it goes. We’ve now got our concept, and our vision of where we want it to go. We have to choose lines that fit into that, but also have our values – that they’re keen to be ambassadors for ‘The Teenage Cancer Trust’ and the student body. It is all about connecting.
How did you select your models? Is there anything specific you look for? 
Throughout Freshers’ Week and the two weeks after, we advertised our model castings. On the day of the castings, everyone turned up with the forms filled in, and I guess for a better term, we interviewed them. The main thing that we needed them to be happy with is that they wanted to be a GUCFS ambassador who represents our brand and the charity.
What is the most time consuming aspect in the whole process?
What’s the most time consuming? Everything! Without a doubt, the most time consuming is the production of the final event in February, ‘Unleashed 2016’. There’s always something going on behind the scenes at GUCFS. Like at the moment, we’re doing this shoot today, but we won’t release it until next week. So even though we’ve not got material out there, there’s always something going on. This year I am working to increase raising awareness of ‘Teenage Cancer Trust’, our charity, so we’re working towards doing seminars or lectures.
gucfs 4
Ollie Simpson getting the model treatment
What else do you have planned on the run up to the show?
We’ve had our exclusive launch party which was an amazing night, and we will actually have an early bird ticket sale, where we’ll do an event at the end of January. We then have our V.I.P. experience, ‘Unleashed 2016’ and the after party, which is all in February. And in-between that, we’re working on the social aspect of the society this year, so hopefully we’ll have a couple more events.
What can we expect in the final show?

Oh, I’ll tell you when I know! Again, the main thing for me this year is innovation and creativity, so you can expect the unexpected.

Quickfire questions: 
Victoria Beckham or Donatella Versace?
I think I might go Versace on that one.
Summer or winter wardrobe?
Oh definitely summer, hmm no, I think I’m going to go winter, because I’m kind of getting into my winter wardrobe now.
Glasgow or Edinburgh street style?
Oh without a doubt Glasgow, you can’t ask me to choose between that!
Words by Natalia Gasiorek
Photos by Lottie van Grieken

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