GUCFS – A Roaring Success

By Esme Coe

With everyone dressed to impress (it was a fashion show after all), Glasgow University Charity Fashion show did not disappoint in terms of the hype surrounding the glamorous occasion. After checking in their coat at the SWG3 venue, guests were encouraged to get a professional photograph taken against the fashion show’s sponsorship back board before entering the main room. Although a red carpet didn’t feature, it certainly felt like one did, with the professional photography adding some extra celebrity sparkle.

Following this, guests were ushered to the main room where the GUCFS giant letters were lit up in all their glory – presenting yet another photo opportunity. After I had had enough of channelling my inner model, I managed to acquire a free cocktail (despite not having a VIP ticket),  and proceeded to mingle with other guests.

Fashion Show Big Letters

The atmosphere was electric and full of excitement as everyone revelled in the sophistication of the evening. Two VIP raised platforms ran along either side of the room, with the catwalk featuring in the centre between them. To my delight, it was surprisingly easy to access the platforms without a VIP lanyard draped around your neck. Although this was a positive for me and others, I can understand why those who paid extra for a VIP ticket felt slightly miffed. However, by the sounds of their luxuries preceding the main event – canapes, lavish goody bags and drinks tokens – they arguably got their money’s worth.

The fashion show itself was spectacular. Although I was expecting to enjoy it, I wasn’t expecting to simply be so impressed by it. The models were fresh and fierce, and had a soundtrack to match. With chiselled jaws and perfect pouts, they transformed into professionals and, despite constant cheering from the audience, maintained their poker faces and owned the catwalk. I must confess that I was paying more attention to the faces than the clothes themselves, however it was hard to ignore the scandalous outfits donned by some gutsy models. Pieces were featured from an eclectic mix of brands, including SF Brand and Never Monday. Attention must be paid to the those who strutted their stuff in clothes that left very little to the imagination – and looked incredible whilst doing it. Bravo to you.


When the models had finished walking, the GUCFS committeewere applauded on the catwalk. It was fantastic to see each member receive the praise and recognition that they deserved for organising an incredible evening for such a worthy cause.

The ‘after-party’ (although we remained at SWG3) was another triumph. Although the music may not have been to everyone’s taste, it was apt to the overall feel of the evening, as DJ Sam Gellaitry provided a soundtrack for both guests and models to dance the night away to.

All in all, the event was thoroughly enjoyable and, not only lived up to it’s expectations, but exceeded them. To top it off, they raised a whopping £10,129 for Teenage Cancer Trust; more than tripling last year’s donation. With two years of success behind them, I look forward to seeing GUCFS getting bigger and better each year.

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