Get Fit the Fun Way


By Kate Whitaker

The gym is the worst. Sorry GUSA, you can make your treadmills as shiny as you want. I don’t buy it.

For me, using machines to simulate what you can just do outside is pretty weird. I’m more of a walk-up-a-mountain, than walk-the-height-of-a-mountain-on-a-step-machine kind of girl.

However, as much as I hate gyms, I do like exercising and feeling fit and strong. Particularly during exam time, it’s one of the best things you can do to help combat stress and blow off some steam after sitting staring at the grey walls of Level 8 all day.

So, if you’re bored of boxercise and fed up of full body workout, I have compiled a list of fun things you can do to stay active, and stay off the treadmills.


Let our your inner 8 year old and bounce away those calories.

Ryze at Kinning Park is a huge trampoline park, with dodgeball on trampolines, basketball on trampolines, a foam pit on trampolines and more trampolines for general, uninhibited bouncing. When I went here I exuberantly bounced about like a small child… for about a minute until I realised how absolutely exhausting it is.

There is also Air Space in East Kilbride that offers trampoline based exercise classes that claim to help you burn over 500kcal an hour!

MUCH more fun than the gym, and probably way more effective.

Ariel Silks

This is currently my favourite activity. For those who don’t know, it’s when you climb, stretch and perform on pieces of fabric hanging from the ceiling. It takes a lot of strength and is amazing for developing your core. Plus, it looks really cool so you’ll probably get some good pics for your insta out of it. There are silk classes at Aerial Edge on Great Western Road which is close to uni but quite expensive, or try Spinal Chord in Firhill which is much cheaper and has a student group that practises on a Friday evening.

Roller Skating 

Roller skating and roller blading have gone from being Saturday afternoon activities for over-excitable seven year olds with perpetually grazed knees, to a pretty cool way to keep fit. Roller discos are a big upcoming trend. Skate Glasgow in Kinning Park puts on roller discos for adults and even roller exercise classes! Extra keen ladies can join the Iron Bruisers, Glasgow’s Roller Derby team, and get involved in one of the fastest growing grass root sports in the UK.


Ok, this might not be quite as much of a work out as half an hour on a treadmill but slacklining is the perfect activity for spending a sunny day in the park. A slackline is a strap that is attached to two objects, usually trees, to create something a bit similar to a tight rope that you can walk and play on. It’s called a slackline because it’s much looser than a tight rope and walking on them is a lot harder than it looks and takes a lot of core strength. They’re quite expensive to buy, but why not take a walk through Kelvingrove when the suns out and ask to try it out!

Acro Yoga

In the last few years yoga has become hugely popular in the UK. For something a little bit different, try acroyoga. It combines the concentration and form of yoga with acrobatics and partner work. I love the trust and partner aspect; it’s all about getting peoples bodies to work together and it’s such a great feeling when the moves work out. Some of the more advanced moves can be quite dangerous so try going a class before you branch out on your own, and make sure you always have a spotter!

Ashanti Yoga run weekly sessions on a Friday for all abilities.

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