‘We wanted to be Kings of Leon when we started out’: Model Aeroplanes Interview

We landed an interview with up and coming Dundee band Model Aeroplanes to talk about how they are soaring to new levels, and their own thoughts on Glasgow University.


G-You: You guys are signed by Island Records. How does it feel to be signed by a record company that signed names such as Amy Winehouse and Bob Marley?

Rory: So mad, it’s a lot of pressure. Our mums were so so proud of us. It was damage. We quickly got over the hype of it and got back down to earth though.

Grant: People were like, ‘oh my god you were signed by Island’ and we were like ‘that was a year ago!’ You get over it. If you won the lottery you’d be over it in a week.

G-You: What did you guys do to celebrate when you found out?

Rory: We had a wee party at Kieren’s mum and dad’s house and I got absolutely wasted and fell asleep. My mum was smoking joints. So much damage.

Grant: A lot of drinking and a lot of smoking.

G-You: You have known each other a long time haven’t you?

In unison: Too long.

Rory: This is actually coming up for me and Keiren’s 10th year of being best mates.

Kieren: Although I think we’re a bit more than mates; we are lovers.

G-You: What’s your most embarrassing story about one another?

Kieren: Mine might be a bit lame but at school we decided to go to a Zumba class with the rest of the girls in the year and we were the only two guys in the class. I told Rory to go to the window and check out some fresh air, I said ‘go check out that fresh air, it’s so good’ and as soon as he stuck his head out the window I pulled his shorts right down and he had no underpants on. So yeah, I got excluded for 3 days.

Rory: But I got loads of street cred because I’ve got a nice bum.

Grant: Too many, but like some are not appropriate if our mums read.

Rory: I’d be kicked out.

Grant: Too many of the things we do are illicit and horrible.

G-You: So, where do you draw inspiration for your music?

Rory: Ummm, from so many places. Recently, over the last year or so it’s been a lot more RnB, funk, psychedelic places. When we started off, though, we wanted to be Kings of Leon, lots of rock. It’s evolved from quite generic indie, tropical rock to something a wee bit in between.

G-You: None of you went to university, but if you were to go to university now, would you go to Glasgow University?

Rory: That would be depending on whether our grades met the criteria….

Ben: It depends on how tonight goes but it seems like such a good vibe so far.

Rory: We come through to Glasgow a lot and are kind of bored by the whole idea of it but see this part, like sweet Finnieston, Kelvingrove and all that, it’s really nice, there’s loads and loads of very pretty girls too.

Grant: Before we came for this gig I kind of thought, Glasgow, you know, it’s good but at the same time it’s a bit too much but I’ve realised it’s not and it’s actually a lot of fun but we only ever spent time on one street and that is Sauchiehall Street, and Bath Street. We need to just go other places and we realise that now and we are broadening our horizons.

Rory: We even walked through Kelvingrove, it was cultural. Our manager used to live in South Park Terrace so as young whipper snappers we were up here quite a lot.

G-You: We saw your video earlier of you guys having a bit of a sports day in the Bridie [library at the Glasgow University Union].

Rory: I was so surprised we didn’t break stuff.

Grant: We were booting some big beach ball about and yeah, nothing broke, so thank God for that.

G-You: We appreciate you not breaking anything guys, thanks for that…. Were any of you guys into sports at school or did you just stick to music?

Ben: That’s the reason we got together, actually.

Kieren: We were good at Zumba, of course, like…really good at it.

Rory: Grant plays 5-a-sides now and then.

Grant: I actually used to play for a team when I was younger but I was pretty bad at the time.

Rory: I played rugby in school but I was too wee for it. My granny used to come to games and that and she used to shout and scream at the side because she thought I was going to wreck my face.

Kieren: Your gran’s an angel.

Grant: We are not the most sporty and I think it’s a consequence of not being that sporty that we got into music. Everyone would be out playing football and getting short haircuts and they all used to talk about Basshunter a lot.

Rory: We were like ‘we’re not into that’ especially after the scandal in Kirkcaldy. Now you’re gone. Basshunter had some massive tunes.

Grant: What about another throwback, Cascada? (all start singing Cascada’s ‘Every Time We Touch’)

Kieren: Aw, there was also Scooter (Grant starts singing a song that’s not Scooter, Kieren: ‘that’s not bloody Scooter’)

Rory: Did you know he’s a politician now, he’s the local MP for his town in Austria. Imagine having Scooter as your MP. Scooter for Prime Minister.

Grant: Imagine being at a press conference and just waiting for the bass to drop. No bass drop, just sheer policies.

G-You: So are you guys loyal to Dundee?

Rory: We’re not going to stay there forever but I’m very happy with it right now.

Grant: I love Dundee, it’s doing so well at the moment, it’s got so much going on, it’s got the whole waterfront project. People give Dundee a bad rep but it’s damage. Dundee genuinely, since the 80s it went shite, after Thatcher, but right now it has so much money coming in it’s genuinely doing great.

Rory: It is the best vibe, I couldn’t be prouder of it.

Grant: The Union is absolute damage. Apparently it’s the best Union in the UK. Apart from you guys obviously!

Rory: Fat Sam’s was one of our favourite gigs ever.

Grant: I think we maybe perhaps, might, possibly, who knows, put another gig on in Fatties for December.

G-You: What are your plans at the moment, what have you guys got going on?

Rory: Right now we have like 15 songs in the bank started, not finished, because we’re terrible at that. But they are started and we are starting to build a catalogue of songs.

Ben: We kind of have an EP together but it’s still a working progress.

Grant: We have been writing so much this year because we haven’t been gigging much so it gave us so much time to write.

Rory: We get drunk in parks a lot. We were drunk in Kelvingrove a couple weeks ago.

Grant: Drinking in parks is underrated. I’m sure it’s illegal but it’s underrated. Do it, but just put your rubbish in the bin and you’ll be fine.

Rory: There’s no better vibe.

G-You: Thanks guys, you have been so much fun!

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