Dealing with Homesickness: Top Tips

d5788a57bc6d4c2fc7ebb3ee028cb335-1 So Freshers Week is over and you’ve started tosettle into university life. Whether you’re a fresher or not; feelings of homesickness can affect anyone and everyone at any point during their university career. Moving away from home in your teens or early twenty’s can be a shock to the system, and just as some may thrive under this new independence it may not always seem quite as great

1) Create a routine

Keep yourself busy with trips to the university gym or library, this can distract you from overwhelming feelings of homesickness or anxiety.

2) Socialise with the people you live with

Not everyone will stay close with the people they live with in first year, or even second year, but even ifs its for half an hour per day, come out of your room and make an effort to talk to them or cook a flat meal; life wont seem as lonely.

3) Keep in touch with people back home

Remember that home is only a phone call away and you are not separated forever by this move. Although it may be further for some than others, keeping in contact with friends and family back home using apps such as Whatsapp or Facetime will make the separation seem not as severe and keep you connected.

4) Home comforts

Bring home with you! If there’s something you are particularly attached to at home, don’t feel like you have to leave it behind just because you are starting a new life (the dog doesn’t count unfortunately ).

5) Get involved

Join clubs! Make the most of what the university has to offer. Get involved in your union and try stuff you’ve never done before. This will help you extend your social circle and give you a new hobby.

6) Look ahead

Make plans for the future, for return trips home or visits to you from friends and family. With these dates set time will fly by and give you something to really look forward to.

– Johanna Crighton

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