‘Any Questions?’ at the GUU


Given that GUU has such deep connections with Scottish and British politics, it felt only right that the Debates Chamber played host to an episode of BBC Radio 4’s “Any Questions?” earlier this month. Presenter Jonathon Dimbleby led the lively discussion which featured the CEO of the Scottish Whisky Association David Frost, Labour NEC member Rhea Wolfson, the Secretary of State for Scotland David Mundell MP, and the Brexit Minister in the Scottish government Mike Russell MSP.

Questions asked by students and members of the public alike mainly focused on the impact Brexit would have on our everyday lives, which spurred discussion on economic implications and the potential second Scottish referendum. This led to the idea of whether foreign students should be classed as immigrants, which despite a range of answers from the panel, all agreed that these students were welcome and valuable to Britain’s university systems.


This also sparked debate on the current Labour identity crisis and the representation of working class Britain. Audience member, Sasan Fouladi-Pour garnered what was arguably the most supported statement of the evening, replying to David Mundell’s answer with “I think it’s absolutely deceitful that you stand up for working class people when, since 2010 we’ve seen a rise in child poverty, rises in food bank uses and that is two huge things that is affecting working class people and that is a problem that you (Conservatives) have not tacked.”

The nigh of questions ended with our own G-You lifestyle editor Katie McLeod asking what the panels opinion of Bob Dylan receiving the Nobel prize for literature. Once again the panel had mixed views, but what we can surmise from the question and the night is “The Times They Are a-Changin’.”

Check out “Any Questions” on BBC Iplayer.

Jess Simpson

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