When G-YOU met Bread Meats Bread

imageBurgers have undergone a dramatic transformation in the past few years. Gone are the days of a humble patty sandwiched between two slices of bread – nowadays, burgers are served in sophisticated buns, topped with anything you could ever dream of. Burgers are the fashionable food of the moment, so it is only fitting that gourmet burger chain Bread Meats Bread has opened a new branch on Great Western Road.
So how good is this new burger joint? So good that I’ve already been three times in just under two weeks. Let’s just say that living a two-minute walk away is going to be a blessing for my taste buds, but a curse for my waistline. However, it seems that this new burger joint has been greedily embraced by many others in the West End and with its extensive menu and chilled décor, it’s easy to see why. Bread Meats Bread is constantly packed which is a testament to how great the food really is.
Given that I’ve sampled a fair few of their burgers now, I can honestly say that they were some of the best burgers I’ve ever had. My personal favourite has been the “Lamburghini”, a patty topped with slow roasted lamb and feta cheese – so so good! I also tried the “Royale with Cheese” from the “smashed” range, meaning the burger consists of multiple thin patties. And I must say, “that is one tasty burger!”

And while Bread Meats Bread may be famous for its burgers, the range of other dishes such as hotdogs and sandwiches are all absolutely mouth-watering. The New York Hot Dog was “the best hotdog I’ve ever eaten” according to my friend but if you’re not a meat eater, don’t worry, there is ample non-meat alternatives. Because some of my flatmates are vegan and vegetarian, it’s rare that we can all agree on a place to eat that suits everyone’s dietary requirements. So it’s nothing short of a miracle that Bread Meats Bread catered to everyone’s tastes, including whether or not your bread is gluten free.
In addition to the mains, the fantastic choice of sides such as poutine and sweet potato fries means that some serious thought goes into choosing your meal. However, be warned, like the burgers, the portions of sides are absolutely massive so unless you’re really hungry, maybe choose one to share with a friend. The “Raspoutine” defeated us, but that’s only encouraged us to go back and try to finish it another time.

So the general consensus? We’re already trying to think of when we can return to Bread Meats Bread. In fact, writing this has made me pretty hungry… There’s a good chance that as you’re reading this, I’m sitting in Bread Meats Bread with a mountain of food in front of me. All in the name of journalism, right?image

– Jess Simpson

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