Time Managed

Time. There never seems to be quite enough of it is there? While you juggle socialising, studying and everything else in between, the day slips away and you’re left wondering where all that time went. Yet I can’t remember always feeling like this. Is it just because I’m busier? Or do you just become more conscious of time the older you get?
Even as I write this, I’m conscious of the fact that my deadline is looming but that I also have a million other things that I have to do. Is everyone like this? Are you like this? Do you ever feel like you are constantly trying to keep on top of things, yet are constantly being smothered by other responsibilities? Maybe good time management is something that you just have to learn the hard way. Maybe you have to miss some deadlines and miss some events so that next time, you won’t. However, with exam time looming, G-You has compiled a list of ways to help you enjoy the end of term countdown, but still keep on top of everything else:
1. Plan your day before it starts. Whether you do this before you go to sleep, or when you wake up, having a plan for the day will boost your productivity. Having set goals adds structure and means that you feel a sense of achievement every time complete something.
2. Buy an organizer. As old fashioned as it may seem, having an organizer to jot down ideas or plans before you forget is an invaluable investment. The act of writing down your commitment means that it is more likely to stick in your mind, meaning you are much less likely to forget about it.
3. Know your deadlines. Knowing when your tasks have to be achieved by is often the first step towards completing them. Being aware of your time restrictions means you will be able to set aside time in which to complete these tasks.
4. Learn to say “No”. Don’t take on more than you can handle. Be aware of your limitations and do not promise more than you can manage. Think about what you need and want to achieve before you start thinking about what else you might be able to squeeze in.
5. Block out distractions. Multiple Facebook notifications? WhatsApp group buzzing away? Social media is incredibly distracting so try to limit your time on it, or use it as a reward for when you complete any tasks.
6. Prioritize. Since you can’t do everything, learn to prioritize the important and let go of the rest. Also, don’t worry about everything being absolutely perfect. Do your best but don’t let the small details stop you from seeing the bigger picture.

So if you’re reading this and think you have other things to be getting on with – DO THEM! Then how about you come back and check out some other articles? Everyone still needs some procrastination after all.

Jess Simpson

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