Sounds of the Moment

First and foremost, BUSTED ARE BACK. And its amazing. Their current music includes a mix of a completely new sound yet retaining some of the classic Busted that we all know and love. Two songs I would highly recommend are:

          → On What You’re On – an upbeat, dancing in your room type song. A new twist to               Busted that you will no doubt love.

          → Easy – a beaut song, much more like their most famous stuff. A heartfelt song that            you might listen to whilst crying into a tub of ice cream. But who doesn’t love that?


Next, I know you probably all listen to them, but let’s just appreciate how sick The 1975 are. If you haven’t watched their live lounge with the BBC Orchestra then you need to stop what you’re doing and go do it right now because it’s well worth a watch/listen. My favourite songs at the moment are:

         → Somebody Else – don’t even need to describe this song. It’s perfect in every single             way and everyone can relate. A beautiful song from their latest album.

         → Sex – although an older one from them, it has creeped into my current playlists.                An absolute banger that you can dance and sing along to.

Finally, I’m going to mention an artist called SG Lewis. His music is very current and it’s pretty difficult not to love it. A few of my favourites are:

      → Meant To Be – one of those songs where it’s hard not to dance when listening to it.          Great song to pick yourself up from your library/study blues. Listen at a high volume              and dance away.

      → Yours – much slower but still haunting. Great song to put on a relaxing playlist                   whilst you sit and stare at the rain outside your window because you’re so #tumblr.

      → Holding Back – another banger. Just go listen to him, okay? Please. You won’t regret        it.

Elsa Brotchie

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