Dressing for D*** F*****: The G-You Guide

The hard work is done and dusted. But even though your exams may be over – but you’ve still gotta look sharp.  And Daft Friday is the perfect time for you to don your finest wares and impress underneath the mistletoe. Check out our foolproof style guide below…

For the girls…

This isn’t any old night you know. Daft Friday isn’t about ‘going out’, it’s about going all out – towering heels and full length dresses, kilts and sporrans and a new spenny shirt. We’re talking hair, makeup, friends, music, Pints of Fun…maybe you’re even feeling Instagrammy and want to save a few shots for strategic posting throughout the whole of next week. Because you can, you deserve it.

You know what else you deserve? A new outfit. Because that bodysuit your flatmate ordered from Boohoo won’t make the cut. But this dress from H&M will…


But if in doubt bring out the Little Black Dress. I mean, of course, right? You don’t need me to tell you that the LBD is the simplest solution to party season. For a contemporary refresh try lace – Zara’s lace-spliced midi A-line will look great on all body types and the back cleavage will add a dose of glamour, even after you’d spilled kebab sauce on it.


But if a dress sounds too boring – you really can’t go wrong with one of these Victor/Victoria-style suits. Try this snazzy velvet navy suit and add in chandelier earrings for some extra pizzazz.


Now this may sound like a fashion joke, but pyjamas are this year’s statement party outfit. Plus, you’ll feel extra smug when you can roll straight into bed once you’ve said goodnight to your last Pint of Fun. Check out Karen Mabon for the silkiest sets in the game.


Don’t lose your clutch in a pile of seven other identical black bags. Stand out from the crowd with this eye-catching Fur Clutch Bag from Scottish designer Barbra Kolasinski.


For the boys

Try a fitted velvet jacket, ideally in midnight blue. Slip one of these on and you can pretty much guarantees the girl you love will see you in a whole new light, or at the very least spend the Xmas break night-liking your old Instagrams.


If you are really pulling out the big guns – and are hoping to take home more than a Barbeque Kings – then rent yourself a kilt. Left it too late? Pair your snazzy velvet jacket with dark jeans, black trousers or tux trousers.


Get yourself a crisp white shirt. Seriously, don’t questions this one This is the classic wardrobe item really is the gift that keeps on giving. A white shirt looks good with any evening outfit, from your kilt to jeans. Gant’s shirts all come with a box pleat, so rocking around the Christmas tree couldn’t be easier.


You can’t go wrong with a nicely polished black Chelsea boot or a stylish pair in brown suede. Your gran would be proud.


And the morning after…

Made it to the free breakfast at 4am? Nothing says class like an outfit change. Settle down to the bacon buttie and pull a stylish knit on. We recommend this cosy GANT Rugger jumper.


It’s 8am. You did it. You finally made it to the elite few that can handle a 12 hour sesh. Who cares if you can no longer sting a sentence together? Work the silent and brooding look by sliding these shades from Iolla on when the clocks strikes 8 and swagger outside the front entrance just in time to see the sun come up.

picture6Kirsty McKenzie

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