2017? We’ve Got You Covered

After the disastrous year that was 2016 I think I can safely say that everyone is more than happy to see the back of it. Whether it was the death of some of the most loved music, film and TV icons (watching Harry Potter will never quite be the same) or if uni just drove you to complete madness (I feel you), it was a terrible year all round. But 2017 is a new year and hopefully that means that the universe will take pity on us and give us a good’un in return. No hard feelings.

Luckily for all of us there is a lot to look forward to this year, so let’s make the most of it (rabbit paws and four leaf clovers at the ready).

Film, TV and Everything Inbetween

2017 is a big year for films; a lot of the big blockbuster studios have lined up some impressive films to keep the masses entertained. I feel like every year is a big year for superhero movies and 2017 is definitely no different. DC is coming into the mix with the release of both Wonder Women and then Justice League, which is set to try and compete with Marvel’s unstoppable money making machine that is the Avenger’s (good luck DC). Never one to fade into the background, Marvel gives us the sequel to the surprise hit Guardians of the Galaxy, the third instalment in the Thor movies and the second attempt at rebooting Spiderman, we’re spoiled for choice. 2017 also sees the return of Jack Sparrow in the fifth Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, yes I said fifth – feel old yet? Orlando Bloom aka Will Turner will also make a return. If that doesn’t take your fancy, the live action release of Beauty and the Beast will appeal to everyone’s Disney loving inner child, it’s set to be a massive hit.


With T in the Park taking a hiatus for this year many of us will have to go further afield for our summer festival fix. We’re lucky that the UK is home to some of the best festivals in the world. The rumours for Glastonbury’s headliners have been flying about for a while now; Ed Sheeran, Radiohead and Foo Fighters are among the favourites to be headlining, the festival never disappoints with its stellar line ups! Bestival is also a firm favourite amongst students, this year their headliners include Jess Glyne and Fatboy Slim – something for everyone. Reading and Leeds is definitely a winner with all of the diehard festival goers and this is a festival where there will definitely be something for everyone; headlining this year are the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Foals and Disclosure – what more could you ask for?


2017 is definitely shaping up to be a big year for music, Ed Sheeran is sticking with his love of mathematical functions and is set to release his third studio album Divide or ÷ in its more edgier form. For all you One Direction fans out there, both secret and out and proud, Harry Styles, Liam Payne AND Niall Horan are releasing their debut solo endeavours; Harry Styles’ former flame Taylor Swift is also set to release a new album, watch your back Calvin Harris and Tom Hiddleston – there’s nothing worse that a T.Swifty scorned. Everyone’s favourite former-child-star-turned-wild-chid Miley Cyrus will be releasing some new music as well, rumour has it that she will depart from her Bangerz style and go back to her country roots. She loves to shock everyone so who knows what she has up her sleeve! Sia, Justin Timberlake, Major Lazer and Maroon 5 are also set to release new albums this year.


Second semester is always a fun one at uni as there are plenty of things going on, especially in the Union. Kicking it off is Refreshers Week where you will get to relive the glory of those fabulous 10 days in September before deadlines and exams became real. This time round you can just rest easy and enjoy yourself by remembering that the first two weeks of the semester don’t actually count (that’s what I tell myself anyway).  Keep your eyes peeled for everything going on in the Union this week!

Later on in the semester there is the infamous and insanely fun Month of Games held by Games Comm, take part in BADGE or the many other fun activities they have going on! If you’re a keen debater or interested in what actually goes on in the debates chamber, keep your eyes peeled for this semester’s upcoming debates. And finally, from your lovely Libraries Committee – we have a lot up our sleeve for this semester, it’s going to be an exciting few months! Finally, to tie it all up GUU will yet again have their big end of year blow out beach party so that all of us can wave goodbye to another year at uni and get excited for that four month summer!

And finally, if you have been considering getting more involved in the Union this semester is the time to do it. In March all four student bodies hold their annual elections, if you think you have what it takes to be a part of the running of the Union then don’t be shy and apply. It could be the best decision you make at uni.

Caitlin Young


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