Changes in Our Union

It’s time to shake things up around the Union and get some brand spanking new members for our Board of Management! This year’s election, held on the 2nd of March will be the 132nd Annual Election, and there is a whole host of positions up for grabs for current student members.

So what is the Board of Management?

The Board of Management are elected in March each year and are the ones who make decisions about how your Union is run. These seventeen student members meet twice a week during term time and once monthly with the rest of the board. However, you will often see them around the Union, making sure everyone is having an enjoyable, but safe night-out.

What are the positions?

There are a number of positions specifically for students in the Board of Management: President, Honorary Secretary, Assistant Honorary Secretary, the various Conveners and the Present Student Members. Our current student Board of Management is as follows:

President – Fergus Greig
Honorary Secretary – Blair Lockwood
Assistant Honorary Secretary – Liseli Sumbwanyambe
Convener of Debates – Douglas Jack
Convener of Games – Hannah-Naomi Karim
Convener of Libraries – Anna Ireland
Convener of Entertainments – Elsa Brotchie
Present Student Members – Keri Anderson, Michael Finlayson, Ailsa Jones, Alex Martin, Craig Everett, Connor Davidson, Emma Prendergast, Roddy MacVicar, John Willison, Aslak Ringhus

What do the positions do?

Ultimately, the role of everyone on the Board of Management is to make the Glasgow University Union a fun place for all students. However, the student members are split into three categories: Executive, Convenors and Present Student members, each with varying day to day roles.

Executive: The President, Honorary Secretary and the Assistant Honorary Secretary fall under the bracket of “Executive” which means they essentially run the GUU! They plan the running of the GUU, chair meetings, manage new projects and organise and host events within the Union, as well as managing staff and elected members.

Conveners: There are four committees at Glasgow University Union – Debates, Games, Libraries and Entertainments – each of which have their own convenor.
– Debates Convenor arranges weekly speaker training, the regular Parliamentary debates and other debating events, such as the selection of teams for participation in inter-varsity, European and world debating competitions
– Games Convenor devises and arranges Union events such as the Beer Bar quiz, snooker competitions and the annual Month of Games.
– Libraries Convenor produces the monthly “G-You” print magazine, as well as editing the online version along with maintaining the two study spaces the GUU has to offer: the Bridie and the Elliot libraries.
– Entertainments Convenor books major entertainment acts for major Union events such as Freshers’ Week and Daft Friday along with running weekly Open Mic sessions.
– Present Student Members: The Present Student members assist in the day to day running of the Union, such as planning, advertising and setting up Union events.

How do I get involved?

The easiest way to get involved in the Union is to become a member! Sign up at the Porter’s Box for discounted entry to Hive and the chance for a free pint in Beer Bar!
If you want to be more directly involved in the Union, a great place to start is by joining a committee. The afore mentioned Debates, Games, Libraries and Entertainments committees look for new committee members in the Spring so watch out for posters advertising such positions!

So some changes are going to be made around the Glasgow University Union, make sure you get involved and who knows, you could be one of them!

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