‘It’s an amazing feeling to know that we’ll be making history’: SRC Breaks Records Electing First All-Female Exec in a Student Union in Scotland

Glasgow University’s Students’ Representative Council (SRC) has elected its new executive for the upcoming year, noted as the first all-female panel in the history of a SRC in Scotland.

As it is International Women’s Week we thought it appropriate to speak to some of the panel and get their thoughts on how they have made history.

Vice President Student Support elect Lauren McDougal told us: ‘I consider myself very lucky to be at a university with a long history of great female role-models and three out of four of our current heads of college are women which is just fantastic! My pride in Glasgow University and our wonderfully diverse student population makes me even more excited to be part of the first all-female SRC exec. It’s an amazing feeling to know that we’ll be making history and I can’t wait to see what we achieve next year.’ Lauren won her spot with 743 votes beating competitors Thais Ramdani and Tia Manavis.

We also heard from the new Vice President Education elect, Hannah Todd, who shared her thoughts and showing support for her fellow exec members: ‘I have already had the pleasure of working with these lovely women for the past year on council and know first-hand how dedicated they are to bettering the university. I’m so excited to continue this hard work and to see what exciting projects we can tackle together in the coming months.’ After formally being representative for the School of Humanities, Hannah May beat competitors Jenny Benson and Ali Bhatti with 840 votes.

Former VP Education Kate Powel was unopposed in her position of SRC President but still gained a massive 1432 votes: ‘I’m so pleased to know that we will making history having the first female exec in the SRC. We have a really strong team going into next year and I’m excited to see what we can achieve’

Glasgow University Union has been criticized in the past for not having more female members on their board of management since the decision was made to de-segregate only 37 years ago. There have been only 2 female presidents in the history of the GUU since its formation in 1885. Nevertheless, with the election of Ailsa Jones as Honorary Secretary at the recent GUU elections and with a large number of female PSMs, the GUU is looking to leaving these sexism criticisms in the past.

With Rectoral elections coming up and with only one female candidate, we think the SRC s first all-female exec is a step forward in the equal male to female representation on the boards of student bodies on university campuses.

Johanna Crighton

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