The 5 Things You Will Do During This Exam Season


Gym gear and meal deals all day, everyday.

It’s here whether we like it or not – the dreaded April/May exam season. Despite the fact that most students have a four-month summer ahead of them (unlucky med students) this is without a doubt one of the worst times of the year for us. Not only do our social lives suffer but we also become sleep deprived and generally all round miserable. But hey, you become best pals with the lib café guys and gals.

If you are one of the lucky people that don’t have any exams, stop reading and go blissfully on with your stress free day. For those of you like myself (hello 10 exams) the library will become your home and you will become a shadow of your former self until that magical day of sweet freedom. When you go to this dark place, strange things happen and you make bad decisions and do things you wouldn’t normally dream of. Here’s a list of the 5 things you might do but probably shouldn’t.

  1. Excessive Meal Deal Purchases

Tesco, everyone’s friend in times of need. Gone are the days of rushing down before 10 to get your booze for pres before Hive, it’s all about the meal deals now. Much like every library dweller, the Byres Road Tesco is my local haunt. Whether you are buying a quick lunch, your second lunch or dinner, it truly has it all (unless you go after 8pm then you will be left with the sandwich rejects of the day). It’s all about the timing.

  1. Athleisure wear 24/7

Have I been to the gym? Am I going to the gym? Who knows, always good to keep it fresh and keep them guessing. I always gravitate to wearing my gym gear on those particularly stressful days when I want the comfort of my PJs but at this present moment of time that is not socially acceptable in libraries. And boys, athleisure for men is an up and coming trend so don’t feel left out, join in and experience true library comfort.

  1. Wearing the same jumper and jeans combo 2 days in a row

No shame to you, it’s been a long day and you’ve done solid 12 hour shifts in the library for a whole week now, your washing bag is heaving and you have no clean clothes, you like what you are wearing today. If you sit on different level tomorrow, no one will notice – right?

  1. Napping at your desk

Napping in the library gets a bad rep; I will come forward and admit to doing this. It’s 4pm, you’re experiencing that mid library-sesh plunge in energy and already had over the recommended amount of caffeine. If you just lay your head down for 5 minutes and “rest you eyes”, and dream of your bed waiting at home, no one will notice. Half an hour later you’re woken up by your own drool with an earphone shaped dent on your cheek. Happens to the best of us, I promise.

  1. Desk Hogging

The ultimate library crime of all library crimes. This is even worse than eating tuna pasta in the library or crunching away on your packet of crisps on the quiet level. Undoubtedly, we’ve probably all done it, whether it was for 30 minutes while you went to see a lecturer or for even longer when you left to go to an exam. However, this does not stop us from complaining about it, we are students after all – it’s in our blood. There is truly nothing worse than excitedly fast walking to a desk WITH A PLUG that appears free only to see the most heart-breaking note imaginable ‘Will be back in 30 minutes, don’t move my stuff’.  You then have a choice, do you disregard this note and commandeer the desk or do you put yourself in their shoes and be a nice person. It really all depends how far you are into the exam season; week 1 you will be the nice person but on week 4, well that’s a different story all together.  Try to be considerate of others and don’t hog a desk you’re not using, if everyone followed this method, the problems would cease to exist…

Caitlin Young

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