What to do between now and your first exam…

With classes coming to an end, you wonder what you’ll do between now and your first exam date. An obvious thing you should undertake is studying. You need to get yourself in the library, behind your desk, or wherever you study, for good amount of time. But there is nothing wrong with taking a break and expanding your horizons. Whether that is by taking up a new hobby or setting yourself a new goal, we all know how good it feels when you’ve accomplished something and that it can motivate you to do something else. Just a quick disclaimer, the G-You does not recommend you focus all your time on the following things. It of upmost importance you remain studious.


  • Get better at cooking
    Everyone loves a good chef, and it is a great talent to have when trying to impress that someone special. Get creative! Challenge your flatmates with a Bake-Off or Come Dine with Me (imagine the scenes). It is also just a great hobby to have and, after a while, you might great creative with a bloc of cheese and some Nutella.
  • Explore the world a little more
    Wander different areas of Glasgow, drive up to the highlands, go to Skye, take a train to the coast, a cheap flight to Poland – see what is outside of our little, but great, West End bubble. You need to take breaks, so why not do it in a tent by the beauty that Luskentyre beach is. Remember Scotland has the law ‘Freedom to Roam’, meaning you can see the sunset and sunrise anywhere you like. You could even bring a textbook with you.

  • Read a little more about into your interests
    I’ve always wanted to know more about South American history but have never gotten to reading into it. It is important to distract your mind a little with something that isn’t related to your course, so why not get a little smarter about something you’ve always wanted to be smarter about?
  • Drink less
    Yeah, no thank you.
  • Donate to charity
    You may be familiar with the phrase ‘Spring Cleaning’, a time when Americans want to forget they elected Trump and clean their souls through removal of materialistic things. But why get rid of it when there are plenty of people who could use your extra fleece or even the notebook you once bought but never use. What may be a small box of stuff for you, is a big difference in someone’s else life and will make you feel fresh for the summer ahead!

Tom Smits

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