Say Yes to Exam De-stress

1With exams upon us we all feel the looming panic that comes with this time of year. The only conversations we have are about exams and revision and it seems like everyone is doing more work than you. However, its important to look after yourself mentally and physically as well alongside exam preparation, here are a few tips to help you wind down and stay on top of things:

-Take an hour out of your revision schedule to get some exercise, even if its just a walk in the park or a full gym sesh.

-Make a meal from scratch, those meals deals must be getting boring by now?

-Get away from screens – turn your phone and computer off and read a book to help you wind down after a day of study.

-Get a decent 8 hour sleep before and after a day in the library.

-Social interaction: meet up with a friend to talk about something other than exams.

-The music you listen to whilst revising can effect your whole mood, why not switch from the chart toppers to calming classical for a while?

-Organisation – if you have your revision planned out then it leaves no room for last minute panics due to forgetting to revise things. Give yourself revision goals and stick to them.

-Instead of coffee, try herbal tea.

Johanna Crighton

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