BBC 3 Drama ‘Clique’ Review


Clique is the chic new drama on BBC three online, which begins with following friends-from-home Holly and Georgia as they try and navigate the first few weeks of University life studying Economics in Edinburgh. However, all is not what it seems in the fun new world they believe they have entered into.

This dark drama encapsulates uni life at the beginning but then the mystery ‘clique’ throw Holly and Georgia’s life into chaos when they are both drawn into the champagne and drug fuelled world of the Solasta Womens Initiative.

The girls in this chic clique are shrouded in mystery that protagonist Holly is hellbent on discovering the reason behind, without realising the potential danger to herself. The series is also riddled with Holly’s flashbacks which gives an interesting underlying backstory to her. The show is no doubt aimed at University students by tackling themes such as assault and suicide in a University setting, which peaks viewers curiosity from the first episode.

Written by the daughter of Skins creater Bryan Elsey, we can see the Skins meets crime thriller mashup in the series but with a shinier and more elegant finish.With strong performances from Aisling Francosi (Lyanna Stark in that Game of Thrones scene) and Louise Brealey (Molly in Sherlock) it would be a shame to miss this binge-worthy programme now the full series is on Iplayer.

-Johanna Crighton


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