Getting summer festival ready

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YESSS BABYY! It’s that time again when the summer festivals are coming to town, the line-ups have been announced and I am going to find you on the field. A festival is the place people come together to enjoy the tunes, the grooves and the three-day no shower policy. It is fantastic! Having been to a fair amount I thought I’d share some tips and tricks to make your festival experience all that more smooth and enjoyable.

You have to accept that your diet during the festival won’t be an avocado on toast every morning and that you won’t be on the lentil crisps and hummus dip. If you want to bring it go for it, but half the time you’ll forget you even brought up and resort to the fabulous food stands. That being said – you and your mates can agree to bring a freezer bag and bring various essentials. Key thing: water. Bring plenty of water/juice/soft drinks. I know it is heavy but you’ll save buck (and have more for booze) because festivals can charge a ton for a bottle of water (although some offer water for free). If you want to be a real pro, try filling up cleaned out milk pint bottles with water and then freezing them, to put in a cool box. This will act as a cooler for any food you bring and later as drinking water.

Having a BBQ on festival ground is a great way to get social. We’ve hosted a BBQ for campers and artists alike but were struggling with bringing charcoal into the grounds. My mate came up with the smart idea to turn a cardboard egg holder into a BBQ starter. Let me break it down – place charcoal in the cardboard egg holder, light the cardboard and bam you’ve got the fire. It also saves a ton of space and carrying a whole BBQ kit with you.

And then you’ve got the classics; essentials to bring to any festival! Be sure to bring wellies, portable chargers, gaffa tape (it might sound strange, but it has saved me many times), wet wipes (for freshening those days of un-showered smells), bandana/sunglasses/suncream etc. I’m type of person that can sleep anywhere, on anything and I’ll wake up fresh and ready to go. But, I’ve found not everyone is like that. If you need a comfy sleeping space trying bringing foam squares (like the ones from nursery). Bring those along and lay them out in the tent – your sleep will go from one star quality, to three star quality. Final random tip just given through is to avoid wearing black, especially if you know it is going to be very warm and sunny. Just no point in attracting more heat towards you when you’re heading banging to the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, although black does disguise the inevitable alcohol stains from the mysterious cups of liquid which get thrown through the crowd…

Now, you’re ready, get out there and a enjoy a little mumbo jumbo!

Tom Smits

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