Artwork Feature: A Portrait of R.M. Armstrong


Oil on linen canvas, 2016, David Nkansah

‘I decided to create this half-length portrait of my friend in first year, with the goal of showing the viewers a bit about the creative process in making a piece of artwork. I have done this by exposing some of the base layers in the painting, mainly around the sitter’s chest area.

Since the idea was a simplistic study of Ross, I decided to position him off-centre to bring more personality to the composition. The diluted horizontal and vertical earthy background lines give dimensionality to the figure, bringing him to the foreground of the pictorial space (a technique in the way of aerial perspective, where distant objects are represented more faintly and in less detail). I chose to use highly dramatic lighting to give the figure a more monumental and sculpture-like finish.’

David Nkansah


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