Educate While You Procrastinate

If you are anything like me you probably spent more time on YouTube and Netflix than you did writing your essays this past reading week. I thought, “hey! I might as well learn something else if I’m not intending on doing the subject I’m, paying nine grand a year for…” So for your procrastinating pleasure, I present to you YouTube channels to educate while you procrastinate!


Rating: 3/51

Best for those that study: History, Politics

If you think that reading history books are just too dense, and just wanna get the gist of a topic then this is the channel for you. Currently it only has five videos, but that’ll let you cover a solid hour of procrastination. It uses (Microsoft paint) cartoons to convey tough historical stories, but make it easy enough even an economics student could understand it.They do seem to be releasing some more, so hopefully the next exam period will be sorted!


Rating: 3.5/102

Best for those that study: Maths, Physics, Biology, Chemistry

With out extensive proofs, this channel explains some of the coolest things in science. From the viral video of the basketball dropping down the damn and floating away, to whether or not science can drive you crazy, this channel covers and explains (plainly) it all.

Philosophy Tube

 Rating: 4.5/53

Best for those that study: Philosophy, Politics, Sociology

What a life saver! If I ever don’t understand something in Philosophy I hit up my man over at Philosophy Tube, and he straightens it out for me. This channel manages to not only make really complex ideas, seem simple, but also goes into remarkable depth for a ten-minute video. It also presents a monthly reading list; in case you really don’t want to do your current reading! Communism, liberalism, and capitalism. Kant, Descartes, and Rousseau. Metaphysics, ethic, and logic. It covers it all!

Casually Explained

4Rating: 1/5 for education (8/5 for quality)

Best for those that study: anything and just need to chill out for an hour or seven

Yeah, so not really great at all for educating yourself, unless you actually take its advice for how to act on a one-night stand. However, the content is entertaining, light, and general comical. His stuff usually gets picked up by other Facebook channels, without giving due credit. 11/10 would watch again!


5Rating: 5/5

Best for those that study: Physics, Maths, anybody who cares how the sun and s*** works

I paid a lot of money to study physics for two years. Turns out the most useful stuff (well the stuff I care about) is all on this channel! The creator does a great job of doing hand drawn stop animation, to explain crazy smart theories, in only a few minutes at most! They also does some videos on the science in sci-fi films!


6Rating: 5/5

Best for those that study: Geography, Earth Science (because they are different), sociology, politics, biology

Like MinutePhysics, but about stuff on earth! This team brings great short videos, that will explain stuff from, “why rivers bend” to “why bird’s penises are so weird” (don’t know who checked…) this channel pretty much covers it all. It is really easy to get sucked in with their upbeat tone, and quick snippy content. You can easily spend an hour on this channel!


Rating: 4.5/5

Best for those that study: Everything…they teach everything…

Picture1New York Time, best selling author, John Green (Paper Towns, Fault in our Stars, and other emotional books…) teams up with his brother, Hank, to teach you…well everything… Like I could list the topics, but I’m already near my word count so just hit up the link and thank your stars that you can skip that 9am and learn your course in ten minutes! (I’m Joking…Go to lectures)


Rating: 6/5

Best for those who study: for life…

Picture2Do you (like my flat mate) enjoy scaring the crap outta your flat mates? Do you wanna learn how to escape from SWAT teams, or bounty hunters? Well BuzzFeedBlue is the place for you! The home to the notorious “BuzzFeed Unsolved” which follows a sceptic and a believer who looks at unsolved mysteries, and haunted locations around the US. It has amassed a cult following over the past year, and the content is just… great… No lie, I watched this for two hours the other day… I also had nightmares cause I watched it too late, so be warned!

By Owain Campton

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