Video Games: Winter Edition


The days are getting shorter and the nights longer and colder, so if you’re like me going out is no longer a tempting option and the allure of the sofa is too much. So, what to do now we’re trapped inside? Watch Netflix? Let’s be serious we watched everything good on Netflix even when we were still going out, so we need an alternative form of entertainment. This winter I’ve decided to dust of some of those game consoles I forgot I owned and get stuck into some of the newest titles on the market.

Like a typical man my first port of call was the new FIFA. For a few years I’ve resisted the temptation to buy the new annual version that every gaming man begrudges paying but secretly can’t resist. The new FIFA is a tempting package with more features than ever before. Something I’ve personally never got into before is FIFA’s ultimate team feature. This allows you to create your own team via purchasing players from coins earned. Your team relies on chemistry so the players must have some relation e.g. play in the same league, team or be from the same country in order to operate at their best. This year I’ve decided to give it a crack and can firmly say that I am addicted. Hours blur by, as you focus more and more on improving your team and more importantly beating others online. A game I can firmly recommend for any football fans or even those with a keen business mind.

Call of Duty is another option out there. You’re reading this going ‘isn’t that those game we all played when we were 13’ (well if you’re as old as me). The Call of Duty series went through rough time with it’s recent games attracting no where near the previous audience. Then last year as an extra on their new game they released a remastered version of their biggest success, Call of Duty 4. This proved a huge success and brought the game back to the forefront, but that’s not the game I’m here to talk about (although I highly recommend it) Its their newest embodiment of the game franchise Call of Duty WWII. After the success of their first remastered game, they decided to go back to their game making roots and move away from the futuristic setting of their more recent titles. Set deep in the World War this game comes with a new layout, new player class system and promises to be the first person shooter of the year. This is one that will be firmly on my Christmas list.

Star Wars excitement is in the air with another film visible in the distance and along with it comes a new star wars battlefront. These games allow you to enter the famous battle seen in the films and give you the opportunity to be nearly any character in the game, from Storm Troopers to Jedi Knights and even take to the skies in the most famous vehicles found in the films. The previous remastered version of battlefront was a great disappointment to everyone but lets not forget that it was the second instalment of the original games that proved to be the one we all loved.

And the one game that has my inner child most excited is that of Kingdom Hearts 3. The original Disney game allowed people to travel through planets which were each their Disney story such as Tarzan, Sleeping Beauty, Aladdin, the list goes on. Here alongside goofy and Donald, Sora fought off creatures known as heartless in order to rescue King mickey using a giant key, sounds a bit mad, but trust me I think it was one of the best games ever made. The 3rd instalment will unfortunately carry on from some of the much less popular sequels made, but a return to the original cast and a lot more investment in this particular instalment gives me hope they it will emulate the original game.

So here you have my list of games to buy or look out for these darks and with Christmas right round the corner some of this may have to appear on your list to Santa, or simply use that cold rainy weather as an excuse to treat yourself to one of these titles!

By Ciaran Doherty

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