GUCFS in aid of Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity


It is easy to get caught up in the excitement of GUCFS: FOCUS as solely a great night and party but ultimately, we must focus on the main aim – to raise money and awareness for Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity. G-You sat down with Beth O’Shea, Director of Creative Fundraising to find out more about the charity and GUCFS’ innovative ways of promoting the charity.

Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity is housed in the largest children’s hospital in Scotland and supports 168,000 sick children and their families every year. With their state of the art facilities and entertainment for children, such as the MediCinema, the lives of the children at the hospital are made as comfortable as possible. The hospital not only provides outstanding care for children but also the families and the wider community too, such as emotional and financial support through the provision of spiritual spaces, meal tokens and support programmes. This year, arguably more than ever, GUCFS are working harder and fundraising more creatively all in worthy aid Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity.

GUCFS are working closely and enthusiastically with Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity and get involved as often as possible, with the society having paid a visit to the hospital and know the names and faces of the children. Beth, as Director of Creative Fundraising is the contact point between the charity and society and works hard to encourage committee members to come up with creative ways of fundraising.
This year GUCFS have had particularly imaginative fundraisers, such as Jailbreak (which in itself was a huge success – raising £3257!) Wonderwell and Swimathon. Our very own G-You boy and GUCFS model, Tom Smits organized and swam in the Swimathon, “Our idea was that we would swim every donation made by someone, which resulted in us swimming 24k and so we managed to raise £760 which has absolutely blown our minds! Confident and not-so confident swimmers alike hit the pool hard and didn’t stop, which was the most amazing thing – you could feel the commitment to the cause everyone brought.”

You would be mistaken in thinking that all this creative fundraising is all that GUCFS do but of course there is the fashion show itself! Taking place in less than a month, on the 24th February in SWG3 it will be an unmissable night, with the hottest models on campus walking the catwalk and an after party, it will rival Fashion Week anywhere. For the rest of us, all we need to do is dress to impress and show up at the venue but for the GUCFS committee it will be a full day event. With a production team, models, videography, press and publicity, a lot of hard work and effort goes into making the show the best it can be. Excitingly representatives from Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity will be at the show to witness first-hand GUCFS’ most extravagant fundraiser.

Standard tickets for GUCFS: FOCUS are now on sale.

By Izzi Thornton

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