Come ValenDINE With Me


We can’t all be in the exclusive few who bagged a table at a Greggs for its debut Valentine’s day dining experience, and consequently won at Valentine’s for all time- but there are plenty of other options. If, like us, you’ve blown all your SAAS within a week. G-You has lined up a comprehensive list of the dine-in options to keep you and your valentine happy, and they’re all (except one) £10 or less per person.

Standard Dine in Options (price in descending order)

M&S – Back with their ‘Dine in for £20’ until the 14th of February, this 3-course menu boasts a heap of options, with scallops, camembert, beef, and lamb options, there’s something for everyone. It includes a bottle of wine or prosecco, and for a tenner each, is pretty value.

Tesco– another £20 option, Tesco scores points with us for the option to select 2 mains, rather than one- guaranteeing a win-win situation all round. Steak and lobster dishes are on the menu, and for the veggie in your life there’s a maple roasted butternut, beetroot, and goat’s cheese tart. A bottle if prosecco (or a box of chocolates) is included.

Sainsbury’s – £16- the choicest option here is the half kilogram steak for sharing, coming complete with heart-shaped pots of pink peppercorn butter. There are a range of other options, but it can be a bit tricky to decipher what is actually included in the offer. When we looked, it seemed that the only other things included in the deal were chips, salad, and a bottle of rose prosecco. Since then, they seem to have added a few other things, but even so, value isn’t quite as good as other supermarket options.

Morrisons– £15- a reasonable 3 course menu including a bottle of prosecco- or a 4 pack of Peroni. The options are pretty standard- there are some good veggie options, and potatoes feature heavily in the sides options, so if you’re not enamoured by mash or chips, your only option is a broccoli and peas ‘medley’. We know which we’d choose.

Co-op– £6- the cheapest of all the major supermarket brands, this deal will bag you a steak dinner, a side, and another side or a dessert. There’s also lasagne or mushroom wellington for mains. It doesn’t include prosecco, but that gives you the option of drinking whatever you fancy instead, and you can pick up a bottle of fizz for 6 quid or so.

The Bare Bones

Subway– the chain is offering a 2 for 1 on most 6-inch subs between 11am and 7pm. Great for a cheap bite with someone. Or, if you’re single, get the extra and eat it yourself- everyone wins, really.

If you left everything (including flowers) to the last minute

Lidl– £23- before you raise your eyebrows at the price, Lidl’s offer does go above and beyond. Ok, a little assembly is required here, because you have to cook the pasta and mussles, rather than just microwaving or sticking them in the oven, but you also get garlic flatbread, Champagne, chocolates, cheesecake, and flowers included with this one. A good option if you completely forget about valentines and decide you’d better conjure something up sharpish.

The Wildcard

Poundland– 3 courses for £5. Unless you want to push your digestive tract (and your love) to the limit, this one should perhaps be treated with caution. For ‘Big Spoon or Little Spoon’ (starter) it’s tinned soup. For ‘Netflix and Chill’ (main) it’s tinned chilli. And to ‘End the Night with Sticky Puddings’ (dessert- we think?) its sticky toffee pudding- not from a tin. All in all, an amusing option, and it definitely won’t break the bank- but it might break any valentine’s spirit.

By Anya Brzeski 

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