GUCFS: FOCUS Best Dressed

GUCFS: FOCUS has been an event surrounded by anticipation and it absolutely did not disappoint. From the arrival at SWG3, crowds were dressed to impress and you could feel the buzz of excitement, from the cloakroom queue to the bar. The new space for the Fashion Show in SWG3’s Galvanisers was the perfect setting for such an event. The sheer size of the room made it extremely professional and added to the anticipation of the show itself. The show, hosted by Francis Webb and Michael Thompson, was so flawless you could have been mistaken for thinking you were at London Fashion Week. The models walked with confidence and the clothes on show exhibited the very best of local designers and more. All credit to GUCFS society, from the models to the production team to the committee themselves, the hard work and commitment produced a truly magnificent event.

After the show, the after party hosted by Capri Collective made sure that the society and guests, worked hard and played hard! Capri Collective kept the tunes flowing all night and the atmosphere was one of pure fun and celebration.

Each year the GUCFS raises thousands of pounds for charity, with all proceeds from FOCUS: 2018 going towards Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity.
However, it’s not just the models who were wearing eye catching “get ups”, we at G-YOU have got the low down on the best dressed in attendance!

Best in Tartan- Men
Andrew Gillespie and Ruben de Bruin – 3rd year
Best in Tartan- Women
Shona McLean – 2nd year
Best in Velvet
David Nkansah – 3rd year
Best Alternative
Dave Morgan & Ally Scott 2nd year
Best Jumpsuit
Aimee Russell – 2nd year
Best Dress
Carrah McConnell – 2nd year
Best Summer Suit
Jordan Crowe & Tom Watson – 2nd year
Best in Red
Amy Reid – 2nd year
Best Sparkle
Harriet Birch – 4th year
Overall Best Black Tie- Men
Ben McGuire – 3rd year
Overall Best Black Tie- Women
Dominique Forson – 2nd year

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