GU Yoga Club- Find Your Nirvana This Exam Period

29681524_10156301626699228_1212069800_o (1)Yoga is a sport that not only supports the physical wellbeing of its participants, but also has many mental benefits. Due to this, my initial experiences with yoga saw me fall in love with the sport and question why it is not a mainstay feature in the lives of students at Glasgow. The passionate newly formed committee and I began to put together a plan to allow for yoga to become more accessible and affordable to students. We just had a very successful yoga launch event, which saw over seventy keen students come and hear more details about the structure of our club, and also be taking through a small ashtanga sequence. We hope that this club will grow into a close-knit community that allows us all to escape the stresses of University life and connect with like-minded people.

We are currently in a trial semester with hope to secure GUSA affiliation in the coming year. Our club has been built with a focus on mental and physical health; so, we believe it is important we incorporate this into all aspects of the club. This has lead us to planning slightly unconventional socials- which will see a more relaxed atmosphere over brunches and smoothies to include those who are not looking for a GUSA club with an emphasis on drinking.

The weekly running of the club will see two instructor lead classes and one virtual class. The free virtual class will also be paired with time to practice poses and learn from each other. The instructor classes will be one vinyasa and one Ashtanga; costing only an additional two pounds on top of a fifteen-pound membership. This will bring yoga into an affordable sport that will hopefully encourage all abilities to partake.

If you are passionate to start or continue your yoga practice then we would love to welcome you to our club. So far, the benefits I have gained from yoga have not only made me feel more balanced and physically strong but relieves my anxiety that I can feel consumed by during the academic year. I would love to provide this experience to anyone who would like to join, and encourage you get in touch either directly to myself, join our facebook group (Glasgow University Yoga Club) or come along to our sessions. We hope that this club will positively impact students physically, socially and mentally for years to come.

26166239_10156059219669228_9148781629615163209_n (1)

-Kirsty Dickson


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