New Feature: Street Watch!

Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at 06.46.52With a new editorial team, comes bright new ideas! Skye brings us Street Watch, a feature dedicated to the weird and wonderful street art around this great city, and sometimes a little further afield. Check out the next magazine for more Street Watch!

-Owain Campton, Editor-in-Chief


Last month saw Glasgow’s most up and coming area of Finnieston come to life with the love child of a world famous Belgian street artist DZIA and brewing company Heverlee. The Brewing Giant commissioned the piece in honour of their limited edition pint glasses- also designed by DZIA- which have been launched recently. This untitled masterpiece featuring two seagulls is the sister work of another piece outside the Phillies of Shawlands, featuring two lions.

Spotted outside The Chelsea Market Restaurant in Finnieston.

This recent collaboration celebrates the vibrancy and diversity of Glasgow’s bar districts, and also makes a pretty decent walk into class each morning.

-Skye Brettell, Arts Editor


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