GUSC Take Greece: Summer Sail Week 2018

Boat.pngTen boats. Ninety-one students from Glasgow Uni. The lapping waves of the Ionian Sea and lots and lots of ouzo. What could possibly go wrong?
Each summer Glasgow University Sailing Club and Summer Sail Week work in partnership to create a week of partying hard in the open sea. The destination rotates between Corfu and Croatia each summer and this year we all wound up in Greece. With temperatures as high as 36 degrees, our Scottish skin was red raw from the minute we stepped off the plane. But the sunburn didn’t stop us from having the best week of our lives.

With a balance between members of GUSC and everyone else from Glasgow Uni, it was a week where new friends were made and new experiences were had. Each boat slept 10 people in VERY cramped conditions with 2 people to each bed. Kind of like camping on water, being on a boat is a team effort to keep things ship shape!
Each morning we’d set sail from whichever Greek island we were moored at for a full day at sea. We’d crank up the tunes, lift the anchor and away we’d go. Days at sea were of course accompanied by beers and sangria and if you were lucky enough you might spot a few dolphins or caves or superyachts along the way.

After a dinner on the boat accompanied by a gorgeous Greek sunset, the ouzo shots would start and the night would be well underway. We’d either be moored onto the marina or a pontoon for a night out on land or we’d be anchored in a bay for a messy night rocking the boat and skinny dipping.
One of the best things about boat life is the ability to avoid the hangover by jumping into the sea as soon as you wake up. The cold water sorts you out and the headaches and nausea disappear completely. Days filled with snorkelling, paddling and diving off the boat again and again never get boring, with different bays and waves each day. Whenever we managed to moor up on land we’d head to the nearest restaurant for €3 giros – a magical Greek concoction of chicken or pork with veg and chips wrapped in pitta bread aka HEAVEN.

As the week came to the end, we were all exhausted but ready to get back to Glasgow with new pals, hilarious stories to tell and cracking tans.

SSW cannot be recommended highly enough, if you want to have yourselves the best week of your life, get involved with GUSC and get ready for Croatia 2019!

-Isabelle Thornton, Co. Editor-in-Chief

One thought on “GUSC Take Greece: Summer Sail Week 2018

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