A Summer of Film: Part One

So either you are at home bored out of you mind because there is nothing to do, or you are trapped in your student flat bored out of you mind because there is nothing to do… either way nipping to the cinema is an ideal way to stave off the boredom for a few hours. Here I have my recommendations on the 10 most anticipated films of July and August 2018, so you’ll know which ones to hit up, and which to skip.

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July 12

It is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson being a security guard, jumping from tall things into other tall things, but that are on fire… What is not to love? The Rock plays an ex-FBI agent who is appointed as head of security at the worlds largest skyscraper, which houses its own unique society and culture within its walls. Slight issues arise however, when a terrorist organisation sets their eyes on the building as their next target. Seems to be a “Towering Inferno” meets “Die Hard” kind of film.

Perfect for: Those who have difficulty following complex plots.

Give a miss if: You go to the cinema to be intellectually stimulated

Inc 2Incredibles 2

July 13

A billion years since the release of the original film, Pixar finally get themselves sorted to do a second instalment. Following on from the ending of the previous film the primary focus is now on Helen Parr, the super hero mother of three, as an organisation of super hero enthusiasts tries to bring back the days of heroes! With an early release in the US, it has scored a whopping 93% on rotten tomatoes.

Perfect for: Everyone

Give a miss if: You are no fun…

MI FalloutMission: Impossible – Fallout

July 25

IMF secret agent, Ethan Hunt, has to undertake a mission that may or may not be impossible… Will he succeed?  I don’t know. Do we care? Also not sure, after five somewhat similar premised films, a sixth instalment may be somewhat predicable and dull. But still grand if your bored out of your mind.

Perfect for: anybody who has watched all that Netflix and Amazon Prime has to offer and is bored senseless

Give a miss if: you have literally anything else to do…

sorry 2 botherSorry to Bother You

July 27

Strapped for cash, living in his Uncles garage, Cassius Green is down on his luck till he gets a job at a telemarketing company. He soon finds out he has much more success while using his “white-voice” rather than his normal Oakland vocals.  Has he lost sight of his morals as he has to choose between helping his friends Unionise, or continue to climb the cooperate ladder alone?

Perfect for: those who love witty films

 Give a miss: if you don’t like having to think to get your laughs

Ant man2Ant-Man And The Wasp

August 3

Ant-Man. Literally the least useful superhero in the Marvel Comic’s with the repeated premise of “lets defeat this bad guy by getting really, really small”. Somehow, however, the combination of Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lilly made the franchise hugely successful with the first film released in 2015. They both were non-existent in Infinity War part one, leading many fans of the MCU to speculate this film may have some very important developments to discover how on earth they are going to bring half the blooming universe back from the click of the gauntlet.

Perfect for: MCU fans and those who like a laugh

Give a miss if: you think that the ever growing numbers of super-films is ruining the industry, and you won’t shut up about it… (I mean it probably is, but let me just go see it in peace please!)

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-Owain Campton, Co. Editor-in-Chief, Convener

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