A Summer of Film: Part Two

So either you are at home bored out of you mind because there is nothing to do, or you are trapped in your student flat bored out of you mind because there is nothing to do… either way nipping to the cinema is an ideal way to stave off the boredom for a few hours. Here we have recommendations on the 10 most anticipated films of July and August 2018, so you’ll know which ones to hit up, and which to skip.

For part one click here!

Teen TTeen Titans Go! To The Cinema

August 3

The fans have been screaming for this since around the middle of 2015, when the hit TV show had been rumoured to have been cancelled. It indeed hadn’t been, in fact it had been renewed, but never the less the uproar was noted by the higher ups that saw it definitely had potential. The show and film follow the adventures of the “Teen Titans” but not just in all their action fuelled fights, but also their day-to-day lives as teens without parental oversight.

Perfect for: any fan who had a panic attack when they thought the show was cancelled, or if you like tongue and cheek comic parody.

Give it a miss if: you read the title and wondered “What is a Teen Titan Go?” in your best old grandparent voice.

The_Meg_teaser_posterThe Meg

August 10

Like Jaws… but on steroids… Jason Statham hunts the illusive Megalodon, a prehistoric shark that has somehow managed to survive to the modern age.

Perfect for: those who thought “You know what, Jaws is just a bit too tame.”

Give a miss if: you currently find it difficult to relax on the beach without your mind wandering to think of that potential shark attack.

EqualThe Equalizer 2

Aug 17

Ex-CIA agent, played by Denzel Washington, fights some baddies to avenge the death of his buddy. With all these “Ex-secret service agents” getting up to antics after they retire, I wonder are they really the good guys or public menaces?

Perfect for: anybody who wants to see Denzel kick some butt, John Wick style.

Give a miss if: You prefer to not see people’s insides all up the wall…

ChrisChristopher Robin

Aug 17

After the little child from the Winnie-the-Pooh stories becomes an adult, he looses, as many of us do, the ability to imagine and bring to life new worlds around him. So, his Hundred Acre Wood friends come along to try and help him get his imagination back. Now usually if I was seeing a film where a grown man is imagining toy bears and other animals talking to him, I would be fairly confident that this film involved some use of controlled substances or involved the psychosis of the protagonist, but I have been reassured this is indeed a children’s film, that’s also aimed at adults who grew up with the stories, similar to films like “Hook”

Perfect for: those who have young relatives and need to pre occupy them for an hour or so, or who want to travel down nostalgia avenue.

Give a miss if: you think the bear in this film is going to be anything like the one in “Ted”.


Aug 24

Spike Lee brings you this film based on a true story of a Black 70’s Cop, who infiltrates and eventually becomes the leader of his local Ku Klux Klan chapter. Generally it has been received well critically, with many commenting that it offers a good commentary on both the historical events of the time, and what is going on now in modern day US. Though with films like “Get Out”, some have pointed out that this film offers less in comparison.

Perfect for: those who enjoy a film that is actually trying to say something.

Give it a miss: if you don’t like films you have to pay attention to throughout.

For part one click here!

-Owain Campton, Co. Editor-in-Chief, Convener


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