If you, like me, are finding the summer months without all the activity of uni already beginning to drag here are some ideas for what to do when the amazing weather inevitably packs it in. Helping to stop you being SO bored you have to turn to extreme measures, like starting your reading list early…

Crafts are a great thing to do because you get the satisfaction of using your creative eye for something other than the perfect essay introduction, and you can develop a skill as well as a beautiful end product. These are really easy things anyone could do, and they’ll make your uni room look great when you come back in September! The satisfaction of saying ‘oh I made that’ when someone compliments something feels great, and definitely beats a Netflix marathon for sense of achievement, so engage in these summer activities and bask in the warm glow of that deadly sin which shouldn’t really be a sin, pride.

There are lots of accessible tutorials online for things you may not ever have thought of making yourself. For example, they may sound silly, but pom-poms are super quick to make and make great personalised keychains, or you could make lots and string them up in a garland. If you want to get a little more permanent, dyeing clothes can be a great way to refresh your wardrobe quickly and easily without spending loads. All you need is to buy a packet of dye and follow the instructions on the back, it can be as quick as half an hour to get a whole new look. Tie-dyeing is also fun – you can get more creative and experiment with it and it would fit in perfectly at a festival this summer.

A more practical but still fun activity would be to get into sewing and learn how to sew buttons on and mend your own clothes. You don’t need a sewing machine just a cheap needle and thread would do, and it’s a genuinely useful skill that would get your mates indebted to you too when you can rescue their favourite outfits. If you’ve got no repairs to make one of the easiest sewing projects is to make your own bunting. It’s the perfect decoration that will fit in any room and you can find loads of inspiration and instructions to suit any style online.

Making your own card is a super-personalised way to tell your uni best-mate that you miss them. Physical letters are something you can treasure forever – a reminder of those long lazy summers when you’ve graduated and are working that 9-5. Better yet Cambridge Analytica won’t be reading your conversations and you’ll be helping support the postal service, a dying industry, so it’s an ethical choice!

Handmade-CraftsHowever you spend your summer I hope you have a fantastic time, but don’t dismiss craft as an option, it might surprise you and be more fun and satisfying than you’d think.

-Daisy Thomson, Culture and Opinions Editor




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