Vintage Vogue!

vvSometimes people ask me where I get my clothes, and sometimes I end up giving the slightly embarrassing answer of from the back of my parents closet. But this shouldn’t be embarrassing, retro and vintage fashion is more popular now than it has ever been, and I actually enjoy repurposing things to suit my own style. Getting unique clothes for free is a definite plus of having parents I sometimes have scarily similar taste to. However you don’t have to have a ‘quirky’ vintage taste to be reusing your parents’ looks. Sometimes I wear things from my mum, or the charity shop that people are surprised to learn aren’t fresh off the rack, because styles have a habit of coming back into fashion. Even if you don’t enjoy wearing second-hand, you’ll find that half the clothes in your wardrobe this year are throwbacks to retro styles.

Trends resurface all the time with subtle changes or worn in new contexts to update them, so you don’t have to go for styles that will make you stand out in order to get some use out of the previous generations styles. Trends that resurface tend to get worn in a different way, with a modern update or in a self-aware ironic way adopted by hipsters.

Never have rehashes of old styles been more popular. One trend that’s inescapable at the moment is chokers, and most people know of their origins as a 90s staple, seeing them brings back memories of old 90s TV classics. The choker has had moments throughout the twentieth century, resurfacing in the 1920s, 40s and a little in the 70s, but it never became as inescapable as it did in the 90s and early 2000s and it’s now very associated with that era. It was worn by all the women in Friends at various points, and chokers were a staple look for 00s icons like Lizzie McGuire.

2018 has also seen the resurgence of another accessory – scrunchies. Once worn daily on the playground in primary school but relegated once we reached teenage years, desperate to look more mature. Scrunchies may be part of a resurgence that comes from nostalgia for our innocent youth, or maybe just because they’re really fun and practical – either way they’re very popular right now.

Another trend you can’t walk down University Avenue without encountering right now is mum jeans. These are those super high-waisted jeans which were originally popular with middle-aged women in the 80s and 90s. They were mocked in a 2003 SNL sketch and were seen as untrendy by teenagers until recently, when the style was adopted by hipsters and spread into the mainstream.

Dungarees are another denim style that have recently become popular again. They were another 80s and 90s classic that had been until recently banished to be exclusively the domain of cartoon characters, and children’s television presenters. This is the trend that I am personally most excited to see back, dungarees are very comfortable and have multiple pockets, so I feel as powerful as a man when I wear mine.

There are loads of great places in Glasgow to jump on these trends, aside from the main chain shops the West End has tons of charity shops and a few great vintage shops too.  Great Western road has The Glasgow Vintage Co., Glorious, and Retro, all round the corner from each other. There’s also going to be a vintage pop-up fair at Tchai-Ovna on the 18th of May which will be a great event to get your hands on some cool clothes and help a good cause while doing it.

-Daisy Thomson, Culture and Opinions Editor

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