West End Watering Holes

Whether it’s your first time living in Glasgow or not, here’s a handy list of some favourites in the University area. As lifestyle at university is largely about drinking (we were all thinking it) or indeed, not drinking, there’s a key included of the risk factor involved when going to these places. I must stress that the key is solely a guide, and if you are determined enough, you could turn any of these places into a level 3 risk. You have been warned.

Risk of Hangover:

1 – Hangover unlikely

2 – Mild hangover is likely

3 – Unavoidable Hangover

Glasgow University Union– multiple bars to choose from, pool tables, a Starbucks coffee outlet, and Hive. Need I say more? Never expect that you’ll only stay for 1 drink…

Risk of hangover: 3

Hillhead Bookclub– £3 mojitos, £2 mixers, and pitchers served in gramophones HB is already a winner. Throw ping pong tables and good music into the mix and you have the perfect recipe for post-lecture chillouts. Keep an eye out for bingo nights, craft markets and music events honouring people like Prince.

Risk of hangover: 2HB

The Arlington– A true boozer and Glasgow institution. Cheap alcohol and one of the best open mic nights in Glasgow every Wednesday make this place damn special. It also (not one word of a lie) houses the real Stone of Destiny, so it’d be foolish to skip over this place…

Risk of a hangover: 3

Tchai-Ovna– a gorgeous tea-room just minutes away from the Uni, Tchai-Ovna serves up over 100 types of tea from across the globe. Feeling peckish? They also serve delicious vegetarian and vegan food. To top it all off, they have some lovely intimate music evenings- think Czech music, jazz, classical piano recitals, and acoustic evenings.

Risk of a hangover: 1Tchai

Òran Mór– A huge gleaming wooden bar, a great selection of whisky, and many beer options. The church with the hula-hooping spire on the corner of Byres Road and Great Western Road is not the cheapest option around, but it’s open until 3am, which is a great excuse to settle in there for the evening and admire the stunning building. They also have loads of live music and the ‘Play, Pie and a Pint’- but don’t expect anything mainstream.

Risk of a hangover: 2

St Louis Café Bar– Breakfast served until 5pm, open mics and DJ nights, this place is a haven for all (they also let well-behaved dogs in!). The progression from café during the day, to a funky bar in the evening is continental in style without being pretentious. An absolute must for causing a hangover- and curing it!

Risk of a hangover: 2

St Louis

-Anya Brzeski

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