G-YOU Exclusive: Backstage with DJ Sammy

G-You: So, what inspired you to become a DJ in the first place?

DJ Sammy: I come from a family of musicians, my father plays the guitar, my family the piano. I grew up playing instruments. That’s why my music is not only very electronic but comes from acoustics songs. At a very young age I wanted to be a little bit different than my family so I started to buy a little computer doing some electronic music and mixing it with that and after that it’s a long story until arriving 20 million records.41374827_281146109166149_3373919307493801984_n.jpg

G-You: On that note, do you have any advice for aspiring student DJs?

DJ Sammy: They have to be calm and have patience. I love freedom, I love happiness and anyone who want to be something, never give up and just believe in what you want. Work hard and one day I’m sure you’ll make it; and if you don’t, something went wrong.

G-You: what do you think of Glasgow and our university?

DJ Sammy: I love, I love. I can tell you I’m full of energy only because this lovely crowd. We had such a good 2 hours. With this crowd anyone would be good because they are really up for fun. We merge. I love Scotland anyway really, not because you’re Scottish, because in Scotland, Ireland, these areas are really really very party people.

G-You: If you had any advice for fresher’s starting University what would your advice be?

DJ Sammy: Study good, drink some alcohol, have fun, party hard. But, if you are able to party hard you should be able to study and have discipline. Always my father told me something: “If you get drunk all night I have no problem with it but you have to wake up early in the morning to work.” Yes, work hard, play hard. That’s what it’s all about.

G-You: Who are your biggest influences?

DJ Sammy: Energetic, positive people. Smiley happy people. To be honest, I’m born for the music and I have to say, I’m sorry to say I’m really talented doing music. I’m more influenced by personality and attitude, by people which really give an example to all other people. Not only me musically, but all the way along your career. So, if you ask me personality, I like very much Muhammad Ali as a boxer because he has an attitude which is amazing, an entertainer, a great sportsman. So, if you ask me a musician, I tell you Queen have done it amazing. He is without any consequences. I’m influenced by more personality than music. I can play piano.

G-You: What do you think of students?

DJ Sammy: I think university is young kids who study our future are the people I love very much because they’re the people that are going to work hard and live longer, and they’re the people that are going come behind us pushing and I wish them all the best, and all the luck. Honestly, with the bottom of my heart I love all the youth in the world which are working hard for the future.

G-You: You have five minutes to live, who do you call and why?

DJ Sammy: My mother, because I came out of my mother. My father sorry for him but I love him. But he’s always in second place, I came out of my mum. So my father had fun making me and my mother worked hard to have me. It’s true, my father had fun and my mother worked hard.

G-You: If you could pick a cocktail that best represents you what would it be?

DJ Sammy: Oft cocktail? A mix of all the alcohol possible. A big bowl, this is what I am, I’m too energetic.

G-You: If you could have five minutes with one artist that’s alive in the world at the moment, down in our beer bar to have a drink, who would it be and why?

DJ Sammy: I would do it with Bono from U2. I like him cause he’s a very peaceful guy with a good attitude. He’s a legend and has done so much good for the music industry. But, if I choose one, it would U2, or Chloe. I’m with her very often, she makes me mental.

G-You: one last question, would you rather fight one horse sized duck or a hundred duck sized horses?

DJ Sammy: I fight no one because I don’t like fight and I don’t like hate and I don’t like violence. And I just love to win people with a smile.

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